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Grilled razor clams recipe

25 mayo, 2021

To clean the blades well, they are placed in a container with water and a little salt and They are left there for several hours for the blades to expel the sand they contain inside. They are then removed and washed with fresh water.

The iron is put to heat and a drizzle of oil is added that is later removed with a piece of paper. When the iron is hot, place the blades on the iron, seasoning them with a little salt.

It will be enough to leave them on the iron for two minutes so that they are at their point. While the razors are cooking, chop the garlic cloves and parsley, mixing evenly.

When removing the knives from the plate, a teaspoon of that mixture on each and they are served piping hot. The special touch is achieved by distributing the oil and water that have been released on the plate over the blades.

Grilled Razors Steps

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With what to accompany the grilled razor clams

The grilled razor Freshly made and warm, they are delicious without further additions, although some people prefer to add a splash of lemon. To accompany them, a Ribeiro, Albariño wine or any Galician wine of your liking.

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