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Green juice detox for weight loss

26 mayo, 2021

At least once a year you should do a detoxifying diet that allows your body to purify what it no longer needs. To achieve your goal, give this rich man a chance green juice detox, and tell us how you felt.

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Green juice detox recipe


  • 1 peeled grapefruit
  • 1 small nopal
  • 1 pineapple slice
  • 1 spinach fist
  • 1 Cup of water
  • 6-10 ice cubes

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  1. Blend everything until you create a uniform mixture.
  2. You can add more water if it is a little thick

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Basic steps to prepare your healthy smoothies

Like juices to lose weight, you can make delicious smoothies, which are a refreshing version of the drink that can also help you lose weight and start your day and training with more energy. Follow these tips to prepare them:

  1. Select 3-5 ingredients that you prefer.
  2. If you go on the vegetables side, remember to add orange, banana or apple, they are the ones that best combine with them.
  3. In the case of fruits, you should not forget to choose the ripe ones, since the green ones change the flavor.
  4. Choose your liquid base: water, milk, non-dairy milk, yogurt or fruit juice. One cup per smoothie.
  5. Add an extra ingredient, a natural sweetener like honey, protein or seeds.
  6. If you want a more liquid consistency, you just have to add more liquid foundation.
  7. Well, prepare them the night before and leave them to rest in the refrigerator so that the next day the drink is fresh and delicious.

This hot season, the smoothie is a great option!

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