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Goodbye, colitis: juices that help fight this disease

27 mayo, 2021

These juices for colitis help keep your belly from feeling so swollen or uncomfortable. They are also nutritious and rich in nutrients

They say there is nothing more deceptive than the belly morning, especially if you have colitis or irritable bowel syndrome. To avoid the discomforts of these conditions, it is important to eat foods that are not inflame more, like fat or dairy. Well there is juices for colitis that in addition to being nutritious, your body likes them quite well.

If you have colitis, you know what we are talking about: eating lettuce, beans or even pumpkin or coffee can make you sick. But beware, not all people are hurt by the same food. Therefore, the most advisable thing is to attend with a gastroenterologist, who will help you with this condition, and pay attention to what foods cause you discomfort.

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The intestinal health it is key to people’s quality of life. Among the most common conditions are colitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), especially in people older than 30 years. IBS is not as such a disease that damages, but is an alteration that affects the bowel movement.

Some of its symptoms may be constipation or diarrhea, gas or pain or spasms in the lower abdomen. And this syndrome has been associated with stress, anguish or the consumption of foods to which one is intolerant.

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On the other hand, colitis can cause inflammation, pain in the left side of the abdomen, mucus in the stool, rectal bleeding and even nausea. Colitis is a type of inflammatory bowel disease and it can be ulcerative and Chron’s disease.

In both conditions, there are foods that should be avoided, such as caffeine and alcohol, and others that it is advisable to add to our daily diet. For this, we recommend these juices for colitis or how about an ice cream that helps fight it.

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Juices that you can drink to fight colitis

Smoothies and green juices can help the stomach because of the ingredients with which they are prepared, which are usually rich in fiber. It is also important to consume fermented foods rich in probiotics.

Banana and papaya smoothie

This smoothie for colitis is recommended, as it is very high in fiber. Mix a banana, a cup of papaya, a cup and a half of water and vegetables in a food processor or blender; you can add chia.

Banana and pear juice

Place two bananas, a very ripe pear, mint and a cup and a half of water in a food processor or blender and mix.

Mango and aloe juice

Mix a very ripe mango with gel from an aloe vera leaf, greens and a cup and a half of cold marshmallow tea. This drink is also very rich in fiber. It is also advisable to take aloe vera or aloe vera juices in order to fight colitis.

Carrot juice

It is recommended for its different properties, including that it is good to avoid constipation. To prepare it, you need six carrots for a glass of water, it can also be mixed with orange juice.

Green juice to reduce inflammation of the colon

Another high fiber juice that will help your digestive system. To prepare it you need a red apple (without seeds), half a cucumber, a little parsley, two sticks of celery and a piece of ginger, all mixed with a liter of water.

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