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Gelato, the authentic Italian ice cream

25 mayo, 2021

One of the experiences that one cannot miss when visiting Italy is enjoying an authentic gelato while strolling through its streets and monuments. Despite the fact that ice cream is today a very popular product all over the world, the authentic italian gelato It is an entire institution, part of its culture and a sweet delight that no one can resist.

The term gelato, which derives from the Latin jelly (“Frozen”), defines an artisan product typical of Italian gastronomy, different from common ice cream from other countries. Gelato is unique in the worldIt has its own characteristics with traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

A little history

Gelato, the authentic Italian ice cream

The origins of ice cream go back to Classical Antiquity, a time when different towns began to preserve products such as milk and fruit on ice. The Romans managed to develop advanced food preservation techniques, and thus popularized a refreshing mixture of ice, sugar or honey and juices that they kept underground.

Centuries later, Italian cities experienced their maximum splendor during the Renaissance, and it was at that time that the great nobles became fond of a new product created from milk, cream and eggs: the real gelato was born. From the pastry shops of Florence, ice cream traveled to the French court, where it became very popular and soon became an object of desire for all European society.

Handmade product

Gelato, the authentic Italian ice cream

If there is something that defines the quality of Italian ice cream, it is without a doubt its artisan character. The ice cream masters master perfectly all the secrets of its elaboration thanks to a training that begins at a young age as apprentices. Throughout Italy we can find thousands of traditional ice cream parlors that continue their work after many generations.

For Italians, gelato is a symbol of their culture. The best recipes are passed down from father to son, adapting to new times but always maintaining the artisanal essence of its preparation and the highest quality of its ingredients.

The importance of ice cream is such that there are numerous professional associations, schools and museums, including the prestigious Carpigiano Gelato University. Thus, a highly recommended visit is the Gelato Museum in Carpigiani, where the visitor can learn first-hand all the secrets of making the best gelato.

The keys to your success

Gelato, the authentic Italian ice cream

Anyone who has tried a gelato in an Italian ice cream parlor will have seen that it is a first class product. And what is it that makes Italian ice cream so special? Above all, respect for tradition and the highest quality of all its ingredients, without added aromas or preservatives.

A true gelato is made using only natural products, with milk and cream from the best local farms and first-class fresh ingredients: only then can you get the best flavor. In addition, an Italian ice cream contains a low percentage of fat and less air is also added in the process. The result is a very creamy gelato, with a smooth texture and intense flavor, totally irresistible.

A pleasure for all tastes

Gelato, the authentic Italian ice cream

When walking through the doors of any ice cream parlor in Italy we can run into a problem: it is very difficult to choose a flavor! And it is that nowadays the ice cream masters make ice creams of an unimaginable variety of flavors. There are Options for all tastes, from the most classic such as vanilla or strawberry to specialties such as tiramisu or chocolate with cookies.

The Mediterranean diet also influences ice creams with the wide range of fruit flavors that we can find, also including tropical options such as passion fruit or mango. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy thousands of flavors with chocolates of all kinds, even with sweets and candies.

Italian gelato

Whether in the traditional waffle or in a tub, you cannot visit Italy without enjoying a good ice cream. It is also a very healthy food, light and balanced, and nowadays you can easily find special options for allergy sufferers and intolerant people. Let yourself be seduced by the creaminess of the gelato, what is your favorite flavor?

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