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Gazpacho without bread and without gluten. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

Wash and dry the tomatoes, cucumber and bell pepper gently. We can use a couple of baby cucumbers so that the final flavor is smoother. Peel the garlic clove and remove the seeds from the pepper. Chop the vegetables and place in a container. Add salt, a dash of olive oil and vinegar, and stir well.

Let it rest for at least half an hour, or even leave it overnight in the fridge. To avoid the strong flavor of garlic, we can remove it after the resting time. Transfer all the vegetables to a food processor, processor or blender glass, trying to collect all the juices.

Blend in several batches, stirring if necessary, until everything is homogeneously crushed. Use top speed at the end to completely grind the skins. Start adding the rest of the olive oil in a thread, grinding little by little to emulsify.

Taste and adjust the salt and vinegar to taste. If it was too thick, add a little water and blend again. Pass through a colander or Chinese if you want a much finer and lighter texture. Serve with garnish to taste.

Gazpacho Sinpan Steps

GAZPACHO our favorite RECIPE so that it always comes out delicious

With what to accompany the gazpacho without bread

The gazpacho without bread, like any other, has among the most typical garnishes the chopped red and green pepper, ham or hard-boiled egg. We can also serve it with parsley -or coriander, if we like-, chopped nuts, crusty bread toasts -gluten-free, if applicable-, chives, etc. It is also advisable to add a few drops of good extra virgin olive oil with a good aroma.

A glass feels great at any time of day If it’s hot, it’s an excellent starter for lunch and dinner, or a nutritious mid-afternoon snack.