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Garlic mushrooms. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

23 mayo, 2021

This is one of those classic recipes that can be enjoyed both as a garnish for a meat, as an aperitif with a refreshing vermouth. Fresh mushrooms, in addition to being highly nutritious, are cheap and their delicate flavor adapts perfectly to countless dishes. What do you think, do you fancy some garlic mushrooms?

This delicious recipe is a good way to incorporate vegetables into our diet, it is also prepared in the blink of an eye and even if you are not very practical in the kitchen, it will be very easy and simple to achieve a garnish of those of take bread and dunk. And never better said, because the mixture of olive oil and juice released by the mushrooms, gives rise to a sauce with a spectacular flavor.

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We will start by brushing the mushrooms well and placing them in a bowl with cold water and the lemon juice. They wash well and dry very quickly with a clean kitchen towel. We chop them if they are large or we cut them down as if it is the small caliber mushroom.

On the other hand, we put on the fire a saucepan with a thick bottom better yet a clay pot, with the oil and the sliced ​​or minced garlic. We brown them very lightly and add the mushrooms and salt and if you like them with a slight spicy flavor, a cayenne chilli, if not, dispense with it.

We put medium heat for 10 minutes and when time passes we raise the heat to high and let them cook for five more minutes, stirring so that the mushrooms cook equally. Serve very hot, sprinkled with parsley.

step by step garlic mushrooms

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With what to accompany the garlic mushrooms

The garlic mushrooms They are very versatile, as I told you at the beginning, as a delicious garnish, especially for meat dishes as well as alone well sprinkled with minced parsley, they will get you out of the trouble of thinking with what to accompany other of your recipes.

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