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French toast or french toast, the very easy recipe for French toast

22 mayo, 2021
French toast - ingredients

To make French toast, the first thing we will need is a suitable bread. Actually anything that is a bit hard is worth (2 or 3 days, without going overboard), but to me I like to use the loaf, which has a lot of crumb and a hard crust that is delicious afterwards. Cut the bread into more or less thick slices (3-4 centimeters) and reserve.

In a fountain beat the eggs and add the milk, sugar and cinnamon. We beat well and pour into a deep tray, where we will place the slices of bread so that they are well soaked in the mixture, turning them from time to time until they have absorbed all the liquid.

Finally, in a large skillet, melt a little butter and we fry the slices on both sides. If we see that we run out of butter, we can add a little to each new slice. Don’t use too strong a fire or the butter will burn, and we don’t want that.

French toast - preparation

Once fried, we let the toast rest a little on a plate with kitchen paper, to remove the excess oil, then sprinkle a little sugar and cinnamon and we can already enjoy these delicious French toasts, because they are really spectacular when warm.