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Freezing food can help you save money

24 mayo, 2021

Freeze food It is a practice that we commonly carry to preserve food that we are going to use later. But what you had not reflected on, is that there are foods that you can freeze to save money from the pantry.

There are foods that you can buy very cheap but they are perishable. However, you can freeze them and keep them for a while, because in the future they tend to become more expensive for different reasons, including that they become scarce or their season has passed.

Find out what food you should freeze to save a little money, which in these times a little extra does not fall badly.

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Freezing foods: which ones should you keep



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We know that this food has its good seasons … and also very bad. The truth is that Mexicans eat it all year round and we consume it no matter how expensive it is.

So that you can consume it without paying more for it and it keeps much better, remove the peel and the bone, moisten it with a little lemon, store it in a bag and put it in the freezer.

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Cooked rice: how to freeze

raw rice grains

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If you have rice left over and you want to save it for the next time, freeze it but inside an airtight bag.

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Raw cereals or flour


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If you live in a region where it is very hot, we recommend that you freeze cereals or flours, such as corn or wheat to protect them from fungi and other bacteria. The best way to do this is inside airtight bags.

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How to freeze eggs

eat egg

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You can freeze it, but not directly in the shell. Remove it and put it in a container that resists low temperatures.

Of course, you should cook them as soon as you thaw them.

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Are you going on a trip and bought several liters and do not want to throw them away when you return? Freeze them.

When you are going to occupy, beat the milk to recover its consistency.

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To freeze the cheese

semi-hard cheeses

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It is also a food that you can freeze inside the airtight bags.

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