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Foodie Love: Finding love through food is possible!

24 mayo, 2021

They say that love enters through the stomach, and to prove it, HBO has just premiered Foodie love, a series that will not only tell us about how complicated love relationships can be, it also satisfies the appetite of food lovers with a gastronomic sample that you cannot miss!

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Foodie Love: what you need to know about the series

A couple in their thirties meet on a specialized food-loving dating app.

Together they will embark on a mouthwatering and exciting foodie journey, learning a lot about each other as they sample ham, ramen, and haute cuisine from around the world.

However, as they bond over a devotion to Japanese yuzu and a dislike for pretense foodieTheir insecurities and doubts fueled by the scars of their previous relationships can prevent them from tasting true love.

It excites you? It is already available on HBO from November 6.

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Love and food: a great combination

No reservations

No reservations (Photo: Courtesy HBO)

This succulent project offers us 2 settings that we love: that wonderful buffet that the world offers us, plus the intricate setting where love is sought and, when it is found, what is longed for can become a dilemma.

Even so, we know that, whatever the problem, everything takes a better picture when there is a plate of food involved, being the kitchen, the dining room or a restaurant an excellent setting to develop great stories.

We share some suggestions if you are also a lover of cinema, love and, of course, food!

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Our recommendations (plus Foodie Love)

  • Eat Pray Love: The pleasure of food, true love and the balance between body, mind and spirit motivate Liz to embark on a journey of self-discovery through Italy, Bali and India after a painful divorce.
  • No reservationsThe life of Kate, a famous chef, takes a total turn when she became a tutor to her nine-year-old niece after the death of her sister. After meeting Nick Palmer, a fearless cook who will test her patience, given their culinary rivalries, she will soon turn into love.
  • Chef: a chef loses his job and decides to start a project of his own together with his ex-wife and his best friend, at the same time that he tries to reunite his family.
  • A great night: two brothers travel from Italy to New Jersey to fulfill the dream of having an Italian restaurant.
  • Eat, drink, love: a family faces different dramatic situations: a widow, a pregnancy, a depression, a death and true love.
Eat Pray Love

Eat, pray, love (Photo: Courtesy HBO)

  • Tampopo: A truck driver and his partner taste a terrible-tasting soup prepared by a widow, who asks them to help her improve it. Something else will emerge between the characters.
  • Like water for Chocolate: the flavor, aroma and color of traditional Mexican cuisine are permeated in this film, as a love story unfolds.
  • Ratatotuille: this movie came to us with a valuable message: “anyone can cook”, even a rat! As long as you put all your heart into it.
  • Babette’s Feast: A French woman arrives in a very conservative town in Denmark with tempting delicacies from Parisian cuisine. A movie with a message of love and friendship.
  • Bon Appetit: An ambitious Spanish chef will try to conquer the sommelier of the restaurant where he works, shaking his world and facing difficult decisions.

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