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five seasonal recipes with this delicious legume

24 mayo, 2021

Fava beans are an ingredient that have been part of my meals since I was a child, I guess that’s why they are among my favorites. When tender, even the pods are delicious simply fried, alongside the broad beans, and sprinkled with a little salt. But with them you can prepare a multitude of varied dishes that will allow us to introduce a great variety in our menus.

Today we are going to propose five great recipes that can be made with this legume, which you can find fresh, frozen or packaged. It remains to say that, if you can, it is best to use them fresh because that way you make sure that they have all their properties, which are not few as we will see below, but that any of the other two options is equally great and will save us a lot of time.

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Fava beans are native to Asian countries. It has been cultivated since time immemorial, as they were already known by Romans, Egyptians and Greeks, being one of the first legumes that man began to consume three thousand years ago. The custom of introducing a bean into the Roscón de Reyes is known to all, a custom that we have inherited from the Romans, since they were the ones who began to do it many centuries ago.

Among its many properties, the large amount of manganese they contain stands out. Manganese is a mineral with antioxidant action, therefore helps to heal wounds and also facilitates the absorption of some vitamins. They also contain phosphorus, magnesium and copper, minerals necessary for bone development and maintenance, muscle contraction and nerve impulse, which is why beans are ideal for those who practice sports. In addition, this legume does not contain fat but does contain a high percentage of fiber, which makes it ideal for those who are monitoring their diet.

Five recipes with beans

1. Buckwheat and broad bean salad

Broad beans1
  • Ingredients: Frozen beans 400 g, Buckwheat 200 g, Vegetable broth 400 ml, Walnuts 150 g, Radishes 1 bunch, Chives 1 bunch, White wine vinegar 1 tablespoon, Walnut oil 3 tablespoons, Extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon. Fresh parsley 1 bunch, Salt, Ground black pepper.

  • preparation: We start by putting the beans in a saucepan with boiling water and cooking them until they are tender. We drain and reserve them. We wash the buckwheat under a stream of cold water and boil it with the vegetable broth or water until it is tender but a little consistent. We drain it. Chop the walnuts, wash and slice the radishes and chop the chives. We beat all the ingredients of the dressing. We put the buckwheat in a salad bowl and mix it with the beans, radishes, walnuts and chives. We pour the dressing on top and serve the salad.

Complete recipe | Buckwheat and broad bean salad

2. Miso glazed tuna with tender bean salad

Broad beans2
  • Ingredients: Fresh tuna 400 g, Miso 30 ml, Honey 15 ml, Rice vinegar 15 ml, Mirin or white wine 5 ml, Lemon juice 3 ml, Low salt soy sauce 15 ml, Extra virgin olive oil and a little more for the grill 5 ml, Sesame seeds, Fresh beans in their pods 1 kg, Fresh fennel (leaves) or dill, Capers 15 ml, Lemon juice and its zest 5 ml, Ground black pepper, Extra virgin olive oil, Salt .

  • preparation: Mix all the sauce ingredients (up to 5 ml of oil) in a bowl, beating well to obtain a homogeneous cream, not too thick or too runny. Dry the tuna with kitchen paper, arrange in a deep plate and brush with a little of the sauce. Let it marinate while we prepare the salad. Remove the beans from the pods. Put water to heat and blanch them for a couple of minutes, depending on the size. Drain quickly, better if we let them cool in a cold bowl on ice. The outer skin will have been darker and it is easy to remove it, very gently so as not to break it too much. Arrange in a bowl, add the capers, the chopped fennel leaves, the zest and lemon juice and oil to taste. Salt and pepper lightly and mix well. For the tuna, heat a little oil on a griddle or a good frying pan and cook round and round. Add the sauce on both sides to glaze the fish. We can use the grill for the final touch if we have the oven on, or give it a touch of a blowtorch. Serve with an extra final layer of sauce if we have leftovers, and sesame seeds.

Complete recipe | Miso glazed tuna with green bean salad

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3. Cod salad with baby broad beans

Broad beans3
  • Ingredients: Clean desalted cod 250 g, Baby broad beans 200 g, Purple onion 0.5, Lemon 1, Extra virgin olive oil 40 ml, Sherry or apple vinegar 5 ml, Granulated garlic, Ground black pepper, Fresh parsley, Salt.

  • preparation: Prepare the cod in advance if necessary, according to the format that we are going to use. If it is already desalted but we need to cook it first, we give it a light boil. Drain well and crumble. Add pepper and lemon juice. Drain the baby beans from the canning liquid and rinse with water. If we have time and desire, we can peel them, pressing gently with our fingers. Finely chop the red onion and mix everything in a bowl. Whisk the olive oil with a little lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, granulated garlic, black pepper and a pinch of salt, and dress the salad. Add chopped fresh parsley and chill in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap, until ready to serve.

Complete recipe | Cod salad with baby broad beans

4. Sautéed beans

Broad beans4
  • Ingredients: 200 gr. of tender beans, 200 gr. of baby peas, a big bunch of spring onion, a big bunch of baby garlic, a big bunch of mint, pork belly (as lean as possible), serrano ham, botifarrón, sobrasada (little), salt and water.

  • preparation: The day before we salt the bacon and reserve it. On the same day, we started by slicing the spring onion and garlic into small slices, including all the green part of the stem that is tender. We also chop the peppermint. We continue to dice the bacon, the ham, the botifarrón and the sobrasada. Afterwards, we heat a little oil and fry the bacon. Then add the ham cubes and let them cook slightly. Now we add the spring onion and the garlic. We just have to give them a few laps, to prevent them from burning. Next we add the chopped botifarron and sobrasada. Finally the mint, beans and peas. Salt and add water to cover the ingredients. It is better that we fall short than we go over with the water, we can always add more if necessary. We cover the casserole and let it cook. From time to time we shake it, with the lid on so as not to splash, so that the ingredients come together. The recipe will be ready when everything is cooked and the liquid has evaporated.

Complete recipe | Sautéed beans

5. Fresh broad beans with ham

Broad beans5
  • Ingredients: Fresh broad beans 1 kg, Onion 1, Garlic cloves 1, Serrano ham 25 g, White wine 15 ml, Bacon 25 g, Extra virgin olive oil 15 ml, Salt.

  • preparation: We shelled the broad beans. Heat a little olive oil in a saucepan. Sauté the finely chopped chives and when it is transparent add the finely chopped garlic clove. Once the color is complete, add the diced ham and bacon and let them cook for a couple of minutes. We pour in the white wine, turn up the heat, and let the alcohol evaporate. Add the beans and cover with a little water if necessary. Let them cook over medium heat until they are tender, be careful with passing them since being fresh they are done immediately. If we feel like it, we can fry an egg and serve it together, as I present it on this occasion. Garnish with a fried slice of ham and serve hot.

Complete recipe | Fresh broad beans with ham

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