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Fast foods for when you don’t have inspiration in the kitchen

25 mayo, 2021

Fast foods save us when we don’t know what recipes to cook and we’re in a rush. Check out these options and enjoy them!

These fast foods show what recipes to cook on those days when we don’t count for much time, check out these options. It won’t take long in the kitchen and you will eat delicious and nutritious.

They are very easy recipes, rich and with the touch healthy that you love You will eat something delicious without wasting time!

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What do you think of this delicious seasonal recipe to make a quickie? We share the video:

If you want fast foods, check these tips to save time when cooking

Time is money and in the kitchen too. That’s why we share these useful tips so you can save minutes and enjoy something delicious more quickly:

  • Do not peel fruits and vegetables whose skin is edible. These also have nutrients that you can take advantage of.
  • Take advantage of leftovers from past meals to create other dishes.
  • Always have the recipe you are going to cook on hand. The best thing is that you make a weekly plan so that you have the ingredients that you are going to prepare ready.
  • Let the meats defrost the night before.
  • Always have ingredients that cook quickly, such as eggs, steaks, and mushrooms.
  • There are delicious specialty microwave recipes that can get you out of trouble.

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Fast food recipes cook healthy sandwich

A delicious option that you can prepare to take care of yourself is this healthy Vietnamese-style sandwich. Follow the recipe!

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In addition to knowing what to eat, it is also important to do it if you rush

We have always been told that we must chew slowly, and it goes beyond having manners. Here are the reasons why you should avoid eating in a rush:

  • People who eat slowly are less likely to suffer from obesity and increased waist circumference.
  • It also increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, a set of conditions that can lead to heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.
  • When eating Quick, the blood glucose level is more likely to rise.
  • It takes the brain to recognize that we are satisfied approximately 20 minutes. If you eat quickly, the signal that you ate enough will come late, causing you to overeat.

It is important that you chew your food between five and ten times more than you normally do. We are not getting used to chew necessary.

To ensure proper digestion, preferably eat sitting down.

Keep an eye out– You may not have a lot of time to cook, but you should always give yourself time to eat!

Apply these ways to make breakfast for kids healthier

Fast food recipes for cooking

See Recipes:

  • Pumpkin pancakes recipe

    Pumpkin pancakes recipe, healthy and delicious

    You are going to love this delight! We show you how to prepare this recipe for pumpkin pancakes, so easy that you can make them today.

  • Coleslaw with Argentine sausage

    Coleslaw with Argentine sausage

    Prepare a delicious and balanced surprise at lunchtime. Follow this recipe for coleslaw with Argentine sausage.

  • Tuna tostadas with mayonnaise and vegetables

    tuna toast with mayonnaise and vegetables

    Take advantage of this canned tuna toast recipes with mayonnaise and vegetables for the whole family. Prepare them today!

  • Chicken meat rolls recipe with lettuce

    recipe for chicken meat rolls with lettuce

    Enjoy a light dinner preparing this recipe for chicken meat rolls with lettuce. You will enjoy it very much.

  • Healthy Vietnamese style sandwich

    healthy sandwich

    A delicious option that you can prepare to take care of yourself is this healthy Vietnamese-style sandwich. Follow the recipe!

  • Coriander cream easy and quick recipe to prepare

    Cilantro Cream

    This coriander cream recipe should undoubtedly be part of your classic dishes, it is perfect for any occasion.

  • Delicious pork chop huaraches with nopales


    Now that the national holidays are approaching, these delicious huaraches of pork chop with nopales are ideal to celebrate.

  • Avocados stuffed with cheese

    avocados stuffed with cheese

    This option results in a fresh and practical salad to enjoy whenever you want.

  • Steak wire tacos with chicharrón

    steak wire

    Enjoy a delicious steak wire taco with pork rinds. Do not forget to accompany this recipe with your favorite sauce.

  • How to prepare fish fillet with mustard

    Fish fillet with mustard

    What a treat! We show you how to prepare fish fillet with mustard. It will become one of your favorites because of how rich and easy it is to make.