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Enjoy a Christmas dinner for a few people or for yourself!

25 mayo, 2021

On December 18, Mexico City and the State of Mexico returned to traffic lights due to the pandemic derived by covid-19, but it is synonymous with spending a sad Christmas.

With this restriction, many plans to reunite with family or friends have fallen apart, since we must take maximum care of ourselves, as well as our loved ones. So the recommendations not to hold meetings, much less parties, are still present and with much more insistence.

Without a doubt, this Christmas will be different for practically the whole planet, but that does not mean that we cannot enjoy a delicious dinner with the people with whom we share the home and even if we live alone.

There are hundreds of simple and delicious options to prepare at home and with which you will enjoy this date.

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Some recommendations to spend the holidays

We know that a time to share with the family, but the current situation prevents us, so we have to rethink what contributes more, if repeat meetings or prevent.

What we must do is put in a balance what weighs more and consider “turning around” the celebration, giving it the purpose of being able to meet again later with loved ones.

Another option is to seek a closeness that is not physical, but emotional through video calls or, in the case of older people who do not have that possibility, call them on the landline as we did before and send gifts, in such a way that this time is enriched and makes it more bearable.

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

What to eat

And nothing better than for the soul than something delicious in a cozy atmosphere. If you are few people, you do not have to prepare turkey, so substitute it for a good recipe with chicken. Swap the cod for the tuna. Pasta is always welcome and there are many types of it and countless ways to do it. Don’t you want to run out of romeritos? In the supermarket they already sell them in clean bags and ready to prepare, so you can save yourself a laborious step. Salads, punch and dessert you can also show off without much effort.

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Here are some options:

See Recipes:

  • Apple salad recipe

    apple salad recipe

    Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without this apple salad recipe. We give you the step by step to prepare it.

  • Pasta filled with goat cheese and spinach

    Pasta filled with goat cheese and spinach

    If you can’t wait until dinner, make this pasta filled with goat cheese and spinach. A delicious meal before Christmas Eve!

  • Homemade traditional lasagna recipe

    Lasagna traditional recipe

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  • How to make orange chicken, step by step

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  • Mozzarella cheese salad with fruits

    Mozzarella cheese: salad with fruits

    If you are thinking about something light for lunch, we recommend this mozzarella cheese salad with fruits.

  • Poblano chili stuffed with chicken, corn and nuts

    Stuffed poblano chili

    This recipe for poblano chile stuffed with chicken, corn and nuts is perfect for you to prepare at home. Take note!

  • Vegetable fettuccine pasta with pesto

    Vegetable fettuccine pasta with pesto

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  • Cold soup of leek and almond

    Cold soup leek and almond recipe

    This cold soup recipe of leek and almond is ideal for a delicious meal. We share the step by step for you to prepare it.

  • Red spaguetti in guajillo broth with meatballs

    Red spaguetti in guajillo broth with meatballs

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  • Green corn soup: easy and delicious recipe

    Green corn soup: easy and delicious recipe

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  • Truffles: recipe with orange

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  • Beef steak medallions in red wine

    red wine beef steak medallions

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  • How to make creamy broccoli soup

    creamy broccoli soup

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  • Salad with grapes, easy recipe with dressing

    grape salad

    Quickly prepare a good green salad with grapes and walnuts to accompany all your dishes. Plus, you are sure to love the dressing.

  • Christmas romeritos quiche with shrimp

    romeritos quiche

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  • Red velvet Christmas cake to celebrate Christmas Eve

    red velvet christmas cake

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  • Romeritos with fresh shrimp, traditional recipe

    romeritos with fresh shrimp

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  • Coffee panna cotta with chocolate sauce

    coffee panna cotta

    Do you want to prepare a delicious and addictive dessert? This coffee panna cotta with chocolate sauce is perfect for you.

  • Coconut flan: a traditional Mexican dessert

    coconut flan

    If you can’t resist a delicious coconut flan either, you can’t miss the recipe for this traditional Mexican dessert.

  • Lemon Rosemary Chicken

    lemon rosemary chicken

    Is a special meal coming up? This lemon and rosemary chicken is perfect to conquer all palates that try it.

  • Red snapper: steak with grilled vegetables

    red snapper fillet

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  • Ravioli recipe with fried mushrooms

    ravioli with fried mushrooms

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  • Ravioli with cheese sauce

    ravioli with cheese sauce

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  • Meatless lasagna with zucchini, caramelized onion and goat cheese

    lasagna without meat, with zucchini

    This meatless lasagna recipe is perfect for anyone who follows a vegetarian diet or is looking to add more vegetables to their diet.

  • Chocolate cake with cream and raspberries

    Chocolate cake with cream and raspberries

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  • Tangerine chicken

    Tangerine chicken

    What we love about chicken is the ease with which it can be mixed with different ingredients and the ability to change flavor without losing its authenticity …

  • Onion soup with puff pastry crust