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Eight recipes in which pastry cream is the protagonist

22 mayo, 2021

This is a compilation for lovers of pastry cream, one of the most used pastry and confectionery creations throughout the planet. We recently taught you how to make the traditional recipe, shortly after we covered four different ways of preparing it and today it is the turn of eight recipes with pastry cream so that, whatever you do, you put it to good use.

It goes without saying that pastry cream appears in many more recipes in our extensive cookbook, but these eight recipes with pastry cream They have been selected for the prominence they acquire. In some of them it is the main element, in many others it is so essential that, without it, the recipe would not be the same. We are going to enjoy them all.

Custard cake

custard cake
  • Ingredients for a 25 cm mold: For the brisa dough base: 250g of wheat flour, 125g of butter, 60g of sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla essence, a pinch of salt, 30g of milk and 1 egg white. For the cream filling: 500 g of pastry cream, 60 ml of milk, 7 g of powdered neutral gelatin, 125 ml of whipping cream and 30 g of icing sugar.

  • Elaboration: We start with the preparation of the shortcrust dough base, which must be cold when filling it. That is why we must have it ready in advance. We can even prepare it a day or two in advance and it will last wonderfully until the cake is finished. To develop it, we follow the instructions in this post. Once our base for the cake is ready and cold, we go on to prepare the filling. I have started from some remains of pastry cream that I had in the fridge, hence it appears as such in the list of ingredients. However, if you don’t have it and you have to make it from scratch, you can have your pastry cream ready in five minutes. You just need a microwave. In a small bowl, pour the milk and dilute the powdered neutral gelatin in it. We stir well so that there are no lumps. We warm the pastry cream in a saucepan, over a very low heat so that it does not come to a boil, and we add the previous mixture. We beat with some rods, remove from heat and reserve (without letting it cool and gelatinize). We beat the cream (it must be very cold) with some rods and, shortly before it is mounted, we add the icing sugar. We beat again until fully assembled. We take a small amount of the warm pastry cream and add it to the whipped cream, stir carefully to incorporate without losing volume. We repeat the operation, always integrating the added cream before adding more. Once the cream is finished, we pour the filling mixture into the brisa dough base. We distribute the mixture well and smooth the surface. We put it in the fridge where we let it rest and solidify for approximately 3 hours before serving it.

Link | Cream cake. Traditional British recipe

Pastry cream dumplings

pastry cream dumplings
  • Ingredients for 16 units: 250 ml of milk, 45 g of sugar (3 tablespoons), 25 g of cornstarch (2 level tablespoons), 1 egg yolk “L”, 32 wafers for dumplings, 1 egg and sugar to sprinkle.

  • Elaboration: We start by preparing the pastry cream. I have chosen to make it in the microwave with the recipe of my partner Esther. It is ready in five minutes, it hardly gets dirty and the result is fabulous. However, if you do not have a microwave, you will have to follow the recipe for traditional pastry cream or, if you are intolerant to milk, that of pastry cream without milk. Once the pastry cream is ready, and when hot, we cover it with plastic wrap. The film must touch the cream, so we will avoid a dry layer from forming on the surface. We let it cool down before using it as a filling for our dumplings. We spread the wafers on the work surface and, in the middle of them, we make a decorative drawing with a mini pasta cutter. I have used one with a heart shape, but you can use whatever you have on hand. What’s more, you can not do it. This is totally optional, although it adds a very nice decorative touch. On the other half of the dumplings we place a tablespoon of pastry cream and spread it without reaching the edge, which we brush with water. We place a skewer stick in the center and cover with the previous wafers and press the edges so that they stick and the filling does not come out with the baking. We can trim the edge with a spur, also this is optional. Transfer the dumplings to a baking tray covered with parchment paper, brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with sugar. Bake at 180ºC, in a preheated oven with heat up and down, for 10 minutes. After this time, we bake 10 more minutes with the heat only on the floor of the oven. When the dumplings are ready, we will wait until they have cooled down completely before handling them. They are very brittle and could break when trying to separate them from the parchment paper. It is worth being patient, because the result is very tasty.

Link | Pastry cream dumplings. Family recipe

Tartlets of grapes and cream

Tartlets of grapes and cream
  • Ingredients for four units: For the base: 150 g of digestive type biscuits, 50 g of melted butter. For the filling: 125 ml of whole milk, 45 g of sugar, 1 vanilla bean, 1 egg yolks, 10 g of cornstarch. For the coverage: 40 ml of water, 40 ml of sugar, 1 teaspoon of peach liqueur, 2 grams of neutral gelatin, green grapes, raspberries, mint.

  • Elaboration: We crush the cookies to a powder and mix them with the melted butter until they form a dough. We fill the base of the tartlets and keep in the refrigerator while we make the filling. Slowly heat the milk, reserving a little, with the sugar, and the seeds of the vanilla bean. In a separate container, mix the reserved milk with the cornstarch, until no lumps remain. We beat the yolks a little and add them. When the milk in the saucepan begins to boil, we remove a few seconds to add the yolk mixture. Bring it back to a boil, stirring continuously until it thickens. We let it temper. We take the tartlets out of the refrigerator and cover with a little cream. We place the grapes and raspberries on top. We take it to the fridge while we make the coverage. In a saucepan we add the water and the sugar and without stirring we bring to a boil. We then add the gelatin and the liquor and stir so that it integrates perfectly. Let it warm for a few minutes and carefully pour over each tart with the help of a spoon until covered. We refrigerate a few hours before consuming. Garnish with mint if we wish.

Link | Tartlets of grapes and cream. Prescription

Galician sweet bolla or larpeira

Galician sweet bolla or larpeira
  • Ingredients for 10 people: For the dough: 25 g of anise, 100 g of milk, 50 g of butter, 25 g of pressed baker’s yeast, 40 g of sugar, 1 L-size egg and another to paint the dough, a pinch of salt, 350 g of sifted flour. For the syrup: 100 g of anise, 100 g of water, 100 g of sugar. For the pastry cream: 200 ml of whole milk, 50 g of sugar, 20 g of cornstarch, 2 M-size egg yolks, 1 vanilla bean, 1 piece of lemon rind.

  • Elaboration: We will start by first preparing the syrup, for that we put a small spoon and cook for 6 or 7 minutes until it has thickened a little. Next we prepare the pastry cream. We put all the ingredients in a bowl and beat with the mixer until we see no lumps. We cook in the microwave at an interval of one minute at maximum power, in my case at 800W, in the microwave, stirring each time and until we see that it begins to boil and thicken, it will be like in three or four minutes more or less . Remove and stir well with the rods until we see a uniform texture. Cover the surface with film and let it cool. For the dough in a bowl we add the milk, the anise, the butter and the sugar and warm a little in the microwave, about a minute or so at half power. Then we add the egg and the yeast and mix until it dissolves. We add the flour and the salt little by little and we are forming the dough, which should be soft, but manageable with the hands. Let the dough rest for about 15 minutes before shaping it round and flat.

Link | Galician sweet bolla or larpeira. Galician recipe

Cream profiteroles

cream profiteroles
  • Ingredients for 30 units: Ingredients for the dough: 1/4 of a liter of milk, 125 g of butter, a pinch of salt, 250 g of flour and 5 eggs. Ingredients for the cream: 1 liter of milk, 1 lemon peel, 2 cinnamon sticks, 200 g of sugar, 6 egg yolks and 10 level tablespoons of cornstarch.

  • Elaboration: We start by placing the milk with the butter and a pinch of salt in a saucepan over the fire. When it boils, remove the saucepan from the heat and add the flour at once. We put it back on the fire and stir the mixture, until the dough comes off the walls of the container. Let the dough cool a little and add the eggs one by one, beating with the electric rods after each addition. With the help of two spoons, we make balls with the dough and bake them at 180º for about 25 minutes. We take the tray out of the oven and let it cool.

Link | My mother’s cream profiteroles recipe

Strawberry shortcake with vanilla cream

strawberry shortcake and vanilla cream
  • Ingredients for four people: 1 sheet of shortcrust pastry Shortcrust pastry, 800 g of strawberries, 2 tablespoons of strawberry jam, 500 ml of milk, 125 g of egg yolk, 100 g of sugar, 40 g of cornstarch, 40 g of butter and 1 pod of vanilla.

  • Elaboration: We will start by preheating the oven to 170 degrees. We stretch out the shortcrust pastry and line a removable cake tin. We put a kitchen paper on top of the dough and add some dried chickpeas, rice or any other legume to make it weight. Bake in this way for 10 minutes, remove the paper and vegetables and continue baking for 15 more minutes or until we see the golden dough. We remove from the oven and let cool. To make the cream we will start by scraping the vanilla bean. Add the inside to a saucepan with the milk, heat slightly and let it rest for 10 minutes. Next, in another bowl, mix the sugar with the cornstarch, add the yolks and stir with a few rods to form a kind of porridge. We pour the vanilla infused milk a little to lighten this …