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Eight Ideas to Take Advantage of Leftover Egg Whites

22 mayo, 2021

If you have recently prepared mayonnaise, custard, flan or even lemon curd it may be that you have found two options, the first save without knowing very well why a few egg whites and the second, an option that I do not advise, that you have thrown them because you did not know what to do with them.

Today I propose to you eight ideas so that those clear ones never go to waste againSome simpler and others more complex, that’s up to you, but always with a delicious final result for a preparation of use. Do you want to know them?

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Egg white and vanilla sponge cake

Cakes do not always have egg yolks and an example of this is the famous Angel Food Cake, this soft cake called “angel food” is originally from North America and became popular in the late nineteenth century. It is a very light sponge cake, with almost no calories and that melts in your mouth.

Few ingredients are needed to make the original version as it is prepared in the United States, but a special mold that is not non-stick and with a central tube. For those who do not have it, Directly to the Paladar we have brought you other versions of sponge cakes with delicious egg whites and also very simple, for those who also do not need any special mold.


Lemon curd and berries minipavlova

This dessert made with egg white is of Australian origin and was created in honor of the Russian dancer Anna Paulova in the 1920s. Its inventor sought to elaborate a very light dessert, with a lot of air and with a touch of eleganceThis is how paulova was born, a sweet that is generally accompanied with whipped cream and fruit, and that is delicious in individual portions to serve as an elegant finishing touch to any meal.

Here are our proposals in case you dare:




Technically a mousse is the dispersion of a gas in the form of bubbles in a liquid (liquid mousse) or a solid (solid mousse). In pastry, mousses are made up of fruits or chocolate, to which egg and cream are added to achieve an emulsion. Although many mousses also have a yolk, the proportion of whites is always higher, so leftovers will be great for us. In Directo al Paladar we propose many options:

Omelettes and other egg preparations

Cloud Eggs

Both for breakfast and for a light dinner, omelettes prepared exclusively with egg whites constitute a delicious supply of proteins of high biological value and very easy for our body to assimilate. Ideal for athletes and all those with high cholesterol levels, but who want to enjoy eggs without adding fat to their diet. We also need the whites to prepare these cloud eggs,


Vanilla macarons

They are the fashionable sweet, whimsical, they say that it is one of the most complicated preparations in baking, but if you follow our advice to achieve perfect macarons you will be able to demystify them.

If you feel like a master pastry chef start by preparing this delicious recipe what do we propose to you:


Daisy flower

If you want to follow fashion trends, nothing better than having a cocktail recipe on hand to prepare for your friends. And if you also have egg whites in the fridge, it is good that you know that many of them are prepared with this ingredient that provides texture and foam to these drinks, although always it is more convenient for these preparations to use pasteurized egg whites.

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From the famous Pink Lady, a classic cocktail that has a slight blush contributed by the grenadine and that was one of the first “feminine drinks” and a favorite of the ladies of the high society of the 30s, even other versions with egg white such as Pisco sour or the Gin Fizz.


Mandarin and poppy seed financiers

These French-sourced cupcakes that mimic small gold ingots and that the brokers of the Parisian Stock Exchange bought as a snack, they are also made with egg whites. Always very smooth in texture, they are easy to prepare and admit multiple flavors and ingredients.

To open your mouth We leave you some recipes with which you will surely succeed in your snacks:

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You meringues


Simple and very colorful, especially if we dye our whites with food coloring, they are ideal as sweet little snacks to serve as an accompaniment to tea or coffee.

They also allow us to prepare different forms for use as a garnish in our cakes and desserts. They are baked at a low temperature as they do not really need anything more than a little heat to dry. You can start practicing preparing these delicate meringue mushrooms, ideal for for example a children’s cake, or a log for the next Christmas season.

These have been ours seven tips to take advantage of leftover egg whites, but if you still find yourself lazy these days to start cooking, know that egg whites stored in an airtight container freeze perfectly and that you always have the option of using them at another time.

For this always thaw them little by little in the fridge and use them in preparations that will be cooked later. Surely you have more proposals to use the clear leftovers, we would like you to tell us.

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