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Easy sushi recipe

23 mayo, 2021

We start by preparing the rice. As we explained here, making sushi rice is a simple process. It is enough to cook the rice (glutinous type or special for sushi) and then cool it with a fan after dressing it with vinegar, sugar and salt.

It is convenient to have all the ingredients ready when preparing sushi, since they must be very fresh products and it is not advisable to waste time handling them. So, we will prepare an avocado julienne and do the same with the cucumber to have it ready when we go to form the makis.

As for the fish to use, in this case we cut the salmon choosing the area of ​​the belly to give it some cuts into strips. Here you can see perfectly how to do it. With everything ready, we cut the nori seaweed sheet in two, put it on a mat or makisu covered with transparent kitchen film leaving the rough side up, and on it we spread the rice pressing a little so that it adheres.

In the center of the rice, we place the fish strips, the cucumber and the avocado and optionally, a little wasabi, if we like the spicy touch of this seasoning. Now all you have to do is roll up the seaweed helped with the mat and form a cylinder. When serving it, you have to cut it into 8 portions, aided by a moistened knife so that the rice does not stick to us.

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With what to accompany the easy sushi recipe

Is easy sushi recipe It also has its ritual when it comes to tasting. You can use chopsticks although it is also correct to take each maki with your hands. It is lightly dipped in soy sauce – seasoned or not with a sprinkle of wasabi to taste – and put in the mouth where all the flavors are appreciated. As a garnish we put a salad of wakame seaweed and sesame and some slices of pickled ginger to “clean the mouth” between bites.

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