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easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

We begin with the preparation of the shortcrust pastry base, which It must be cold at the time of filling it. That is why we must have it ready in advance. We can even prepare it a day or two in advance and it will last wonderfully until the cake is finished. To develop it, we follow the instructions in this post.

Once our base for the cake is ready and cold, we go on to prepare the filling. Me I have started from some remains of pastry cream that I had in the fridge, hence it appears as such in the ingredient list. However, if you don’t have it and you have to make it from scratch, you can have your pastry cream ready in five minutes. You just need a microwave.

In a small bowl, pour the milk and dilute the powdered neutral gelatin in it. We stir well so that there are no lumps. We warm the pastry cream in a saucepan, over a very low heat to that does not come to a boil, and we add the previous mixture. We beat with some rods, remove from heat and reserve (without letting it cool and gelatinize).

We beat the cream (it must be very cold) with some rods and, shortly before it is mounted, we add the icing sugar. We beat again until fully assembled. We take a small amount of the warm pastry cream and add it to the whipped cream, stir carefully to incorporate without losing volume.

We repeat the operation, always integrating the added cream before adding more. Once the cream is finished, we pour the filling mixture into the brisa dough base. We distribute the mixture well and smooth the surface. We put it in the fridge where we let it rest and solidify for approximately a few 3 hours before serving.


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With what to accompany the cream cake

East cream cake Brittany is incredibly smooth in taste and texture, perfect for those who love milk and egg-based sweets. It can be served alone or with a toffee sauce (as shown in the header image). Either way, it is a good dessert for a special meal or a successful accompaniment to that cup of tea for a snack, of course!

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