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Easy recipes to plan and eat all week

22 mayo, 2021

Many friends ask me where do I get the time to cook – not only because of all the recipes that I publish each week – but also for the family’s lunches and dinners, the tuppers, snacks and more. Regardless of the more elaborate ones that we reserve for special days, there are a lot of recipes that cook in one day and are enjoyed all week.

It is, -to understand us- of cook galore one day to be able to go relaxed during the rest of the week. As you will see now, it is not a complicated issue, but rather a matter of planning and organization. A) Yes, dedicating a weekend day to the kitchen, we can be practically freed from that work and at the same time, have the peace of mind that we are not going to have lunch or dinner “anything“for not wanting to cook.

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Making a box with a weekly menu is very practical. On the one hand, we avoid having to think every day what we are going to have for lunch or dinner, and also helps us to distribute the weekly rations of meat, fish, pasta, legumes, vegetables and vegetables so that we make a nutritionally balanced menu.

As a complement, we will always have gaps in our menu to fill with salads, French omelettes, sandwiches, leftover days, grilled steaks or similar that They’ve barely been in the kitchen for long. And if you don’t know what to do, here are a lot of quick and easy recipes for those days when we don’t have time or desire.

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Also, when shopping, always it is easier to make the list starting from a menu to go walking through the supermarket choosing the foods that most tempt us at the moment or those that those who prepare the linials choose for us.

Recipes that are cooked in one day and enjoyed all week

There are many recipes that allow us cook a large number of servings and let’s be one, two or three people to eat, we can keep in the fridge to enjoy throughout the week, or even freeze and solve the ballot throughout the month.

What’s more, both the stews chicken or meat, such as broths, stews of vegetables and other spoon dishes are richer if they are cooked on the eve, so we can prepare them one day, store them by portions in jars or tins and eat them throughout the week.

If you are going to freeze them, remember always mark the date of manufacture with a label to eat those cooked longer. In this way, with a day or two that we dedicate to the kitchen, we will have a lot in advance for the whole month.

Easy stews for the whole week

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To organize the week, I always include some chicken stew such as chicken with spinach and parmesan sauce or chicken stewed with saffron pine nuts and raisins, because they are very practical and tasty and They are worth taking from the container to work, or for lunch or dinner any day.

In addition, these stews in the fridge are perfectly preserved for six or seven days. If you want to see more easy and practical chicken casseroles try these thighs with sherry vinegar, or this chicken stew with soy, pumpkin and carrots.

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Ragout, stewed meat or beef stew is another great option since this meat stew in sauce keeps perfectly in the fridge and is delicious for many days. You can prepare it over low heat or in the pressure cooker and it always comes out delicious. Among other recipes, try this stewed black pudding, or the bourbon beef stew, ideal to surprise at friends’ gatherings.

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Another good choice to cook and prepare to eat during the week is to prepare meatballs. We can make them vegan with chickpeas, vegetarian like broccoli, traditional meat in onion sauce, or try the most original recipes such as meatballs with cuttlefish or cuttlefish in the photo, some delicious Fish meatballs such as the hake meatballs in green sauce and many more options such as the meatballs with vegetable and pea sauce. Here are 19 meatball recipes to choose from. They are all great to keep and take out when it suits us.

Spoon dishes

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What I like best about spoon dishes is that you can make them comfortably in a large kettle or even in the pressure cooker and have rations to feed a regiment. Later just store the servings in one or two-serving jars and freeze them, and thus cooking one day you have the dish ready for the whole week. If one Saturday you make a fabada and for example the next you prepare some lentils or a traditional Madrid stew, you will have ready the family legume rations for the whole month.

In addition to the more traditional stews, try these lentils with chicken breast, some lentils with artichokes and prawns or if you prefer the classic ones, make these stewed lentils. Make sure to prepare a good stew and always have a good supply of homemade chicken, meat or fish broths in your fridge. They are made in a jiffy and have a lot of outlet for those impromptu dinners, adding a fideito or a little white rice.

We also recommend doing purees and creams, comforting dishes that always feel good. In autumn we really like pumpkin creams, pea purees and mixed vegetable creams. Those that have potatoes cannot be frozen because they lose their texture, but they can be cooked today and eaten during the week, giving them a warm-up.

Other recipes you can make and save to eat during the week

Another good alternative are cold cakes like this bonito cake that you can make in the microwave and it will solve many dinners. I also recommend you prepare Bolognese sauce and store it in jars in portions, to remove it the day you want to make a pasta recipe in which you will only have to use the 8 or 9 minutes that it takes to cook when you have the sauce already prepared.

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The stuffed peppers they are also a very good option. Whether you make them cold stuffed with salmon and crab or hot stuffed with minced meat or tuna, they will always be a hit at home. We also recommend preparing breaded fillets, always ready to fry, whether you keep them in the fridge or freeze them in individual packages.

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Homemade bread, the typical loaf that we buy when we leave the city, lasts for three or four days fresh, and also we can cut it into slices and keep them frozen for breakfast toasts. Making bread at home is a pleasure and it is another of the resources that we do once and enjoy it for two or three days.

Sweet recipes for the whole week

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To finish with a sweet taste, I can only talk about cookies and cakes, which are also prepared in one day and served to us. for breakfasts and homemade snacks throughout the week. You can make these cookies or tea pastries, or prepare the delicious Angel’s Food Cake or even the delicious Japanese or Kasutera cake. None will take you more than an hour of work (and half is in the oven) and you won’t have to worry about the family breakfast.

With all these ideas of recipes that are cooked in one day and enjoyed during the weekNow all you have to do is start with the first thing, planning. Design your menu, make the shopping list and start saving time for your hobbies and to rest, which we are sure you have well earned.

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