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25 mayo, 2021

We start with the dressing of which, I recommend, you make more than indicated above. You can keep it in a bottle in the fridge. It lasts for weeks, so you will always have it on hand to dress salads. To make it, we just have to mix the oil, vinegar, mustard, lemon juice, honey and a little salt in a bowl and beat with a few rods until emulsified. We reserve until the moment of use.

We went on to prepare the salad itself. Well, rather to assemble the salad, because this is what this recipe really consists of. With a sharp knife we cut six or seven thin slices of tomato. Better if they are from the central part because, this way, they will all come out the same size and the presentation will be more aesthetic. We place all, except one, inside a plating ring, covering the walls. We cover the base with the reserved slice.

We fill the inside of the ring with a handful of mezclum, which we squeeze well inside the hand so that the sheets are compact. In this way, when we remove the ring, the leaves will not spread all over the plate (even if they lose some of their shape). We can use any type of green leaf that we like or have on hand: baby spinach, lamb’s lettuce, endive, etc.

We squeeze the sheets and carefully remove the ring. The tomato slices will fall outwards, forming a kind of flower. We water the mixture with part of the dressing and use the rest to draw a string around the salad. We spread the pine nuts, which we will have previously toasted in a pan, on the cord.

We grease the cheese with a little oil. We heat an iron to maximum temperature. When the griddle is hot, we place the cheese on it, greased side down. It browns quickly, so you have to be attentive so that it does not burn. When the lower edge begins to show a tan tone, we remove it with a spatula and place it on the mezclum.

Goat cheese salad650ma

CAULIFLOWER FILLETS with chimichurri sauce

With what to accompany the goat cheese and pine nut salad with honey and mustard

Is goat cheese and pine nut salad with honey and mustard It is a good solution for when we don’t have time to cook. We can have the dressing prepared, as well as the ring filled with tomato and mezclum, and mount it with the cheese at the last moment. It is very tasty and, although it is not the lightest salad in the world, it is a healthy alternative to enjoy in hot weather.