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25 mayo, 2021

In a deep bowl, we mix the natural sourdough with 125 grams (or ml) of warm water. We stir until dissolving. Add 150 grams of strength flour and stir again until incorporated. We cover the mixture with plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge for 12 hours, approximately. Nothing happens if it is more, I have come to leave it 24 hours and the result has been just as good.

After the resting time has elapsed, we remove the mixture from the refrigerator and we add the rest of the ingredients. We start with the rest of the water, stirring until homogenized, then we add the salt and, finally, the rest of the strength flour. We will incorporate it little by little, stirring with a wooden spoon. When it is impossible to stir and we still have flour to add, we move the dough to a clean work surface and finish the work, while kneading with our hands.

When we have a homogeneous dough and all the ingredients are incorporated, we divide it into four equal parts. We take four sheets of plastic wrap and grease each one with a little olive oil. We place the four portions of dough on the greased film sheets and wrap them. We let the dough rest a second time, for a couple of hours. This time it won’t be necessary to put the dough in the fridge, although it won’t hurt either.

Once the dough has settled, flour the work surface and we roll out each of the dough portions in the preferred shape and thickness. We can use our hands or help ourselves with a rolling pin. Personally, I like very thin pizza bases because they are crunchier, but this is based on taste.

We transfer the pizza bases to a baking tray dusted with flour. We cover them with the ingredients that we like the most (tomato sauce, olives, anchovies, ham, tuna, pesto, cheese, etc.) and we bake, at the bottom of the oven, at 250 ºC for six or eight minutes or until we see that the base is cooked. The oven must be at this temperature when we introduce them into it.

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With what to accompany the pizza with natural sourdough

The pizzas must be eaten hot, freshly made. That way, the base remains crisp, the cheese (if you used it among the topping ingredients) melts and stretches gently, and the aromas flood the table. Don’t wait to try this recipe from pizza with natural sourdough and start enjoying how much it has to offer, sharing it with your friends and family.