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Easy and quick baked sea bass, the baked fish recipe that always comes out well

24 mayo, 2021

Let’s face it. Many of us are afraid to choose a fish recipe for Christmas celebrations for fear that it will become stale (and dry) or that it will be a little raw and cannot be eaten. That is why I wanted to teach you to do this Easy and quick baked sea bass, the baked fish recipe that will always look good on you.

Accompanied with some delicious baked potatoes, it is a perfect option to leave everyone delighted. Then, you can give it a personal touch if you feel like adding a garlic sauce -garlic, oil, paprika and a little vinegar- or a little garlic and parsley, or a drizzle of lemon, if you prefer fish like that.

Whatever you do, this sea bass It will always be perfect knitted.

We started cutting potatoes with a mandolin. With a large or two of a good size you can cover the oven tray. Then we chop the onion in fine julienne strips, and distribute it over the potatoes. Add a little salt, a splash of extra virgin olive oil, 75 ml of water and bake for fifteen minutes at 180º.

In the fish shop we will have asked us Prepare the open seabass to grill on the back but we will ask you to leave the rasp on one side. This will help us to control when the fish is at its point, regardless of the size of the piece. Then we see it. We salt and pepper the fish and brush with a pinch of oil and put it in the oven over the potatoes that are already beginning to cook.

We let the fish roast at the same temperature until putting a lace under the rasp, Let’s see that it gets up easily and then we turn off the oven and take out the source. The time required will be between 12 and 20 minutes depending on the size of the piece.

We remove the fish from the oven source, We remove the rasp and put it in a source to serve it with its garnish. If the potatoes are not there or if we see that they need to brown a little more, we put the potatoes in the oven for another five minutes.

Sea Bass Easy Oven World Steps

Sea bass fillets in salt.  Prescription

With what to accompany the easy and fast baked sea bass

Is quick and easy baked sea bass it is cooked on its own garnish, although you can add to enjoy it a little mayopesto sauce, some roasted vegetables or one of our delicious 39 salad recipes to complete the menu.

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