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easy and foolproof appetizer recipe

25 mayo, 2021

A good Navarra chistorra does not need more than to go through the grill or grill to be a infallible aperitif, But that doesn’t mean we can’t give the classic spike a twist.

This recipe is ultra-easy, it takes a few minutes, and it is an ideal appetizer or starter for the weekend. The only thing you have to think about is what beer you want to use to cook it. Anyone worth it, though the recipe wins with a beer that has more body, whether it is wheat, black, toasted or red, like the Alahambra Reserva that we have used.

The rest, as you will see below, it has no mystery.

Our national holiday is the aperitif: the twelve tapas that are consumed throughout Spain, its history and its best recipes

Cut the chistorra into pieces in one bite. Heat a pan with a jet of oil and fry the chistorra until it is well browned all over.

When the chistorra is ready, pour the beer at room temperature. Over medium-high heat, let the chistorra cook and part of the beer evaporates. After about five minutes, transfer the chistorra with its broth to a plate or source and serve immediately.

Chistorra collage

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With what to accompany the chistorra to beer

Although this cover encourages opening a beer, the truth is that it is better to accompany it with wine, as the beer will cover the flavor of the chistorra somewhat, accentuating its bitterness. Of course, it is essential to accompany the bread plate. And if we take the opportunity to put some french fries, some olives or some gildas we will have a category appetizer.