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Do you want to feel happy? Prepare a cheese board and cold cuts

22 mayo, 2021

You have realized? There are foods that, when we taste them, almost automatically improve our mood. This is what makes a cheese board and cold meats to serve as snacks for a gathering.

Today we explain why cold meats and cheeses make us happy and how they cause this effect on our body. You’ll be surprised!

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Cheese and cold cuts platter: a load of wonderful serotonin

sweet cheese board with fruits

Don’t forget to serve a sweet cheese board with fruits at your New Year’s Eve dinner. It will be the perfect snack for the night.

According to scientific studies, both cheeses and cold meats stimulate the secretion of serotonin, the “hormone of happiness.” This is because they are rich in a substance called tryptophan.

Tryptophan seems to be the essential amino acid that generates the most serotonin secretion, which directly affects our mood (not for just anything, it is a tradition to serve these snacks at parties, before eating. Who could feel bad? mood at a celebration?)

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Not only that: tryptophan has other benefits that make us feel great, including:

  • Promotes a restful sleep.
  • It stimulates the creation of proteins in the body and helps the formation of vitamin 3, also known as niacin.
  • Among its effects is the antidepressant, relaxant, tranquilizer and anxiolytic, due to serotonin.
  • It can also fight obesity by eliminating food cravings.
  • It promotes the control of insulin levels in the blood, which maintains the health of the nervous system.
  • Increases the release of growth hormones.
  • Relieves headaches and migraine headaches.
  • And finally, it keeps the immune system working properly.
  • The WHO recommends a dose of 250 mg daily through diet.
cold meat table

For a quick and delicious snack there is nothing better than this table of deli meats.

It goes without saying that the products in which it is found in greater quantity are cold meats, lean meats and cheeses. On the contrary, lentils and beans have less, but you can also find it in these foods.

One more reason to enjoy pizza and other delicious recipes with cheeses and cold cuts! Do not miss it.

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