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Do you know Chinese grapefruit?

25 mayo, 2021

I recognize myself as a very fan of citrus fruits, and it is rare to find one that I do not like, so when I saw the other day at the greengrocer this huge grapefruit I couldn’t resist bringing it home.

In the “portrait” that I have made of it, you may not appreciate its size well because it does not have any object around it as a reference, but I can tell you that this Chinese grapefruit, as it is called, is a real giant. Do you want to know more about it? variety? Well We tell you its characteristics, its way of using it and its use in the kitchen.


Chinese grapefruit, also called Maximum citrus it is considered the largest citrus variety that exists. It originates from Southeast Asia, and has been growing in China for a whopping 4000 years. Little by little it spread to other Asian countries, reaching Japan, to later settle in New Zealand and other Pacific islands. Now there are crops in other places far from Asia such as our country, specifically in Valencia and Murcia, but also in others such as South Africa, Israel or the United States.

Commonly called pampelmusa can weigh up to two kilos with a diameter of 30 centimetersIn the case of the one I bought, the shape is rounded, but there are some pear-shaped. Similar to grapefruit, it has significant differences with it apart from size, let’s see what they are.

Chinese Grapefruit2 Dap

Chinese grapefruit has a very thick skin which can be up to a third of the total weight of citrus. The pampelmusa is much less juicy than the grapefruit, it has little juice compared to it and also its interior does not contain seeds embedded in its segments, but small seeds inside, more similar to how they are arranged in the melon.

His inside is yellowish green although there are varieties with somewhat reddish tones and their segments have an excessive amount of albeldo, or white skin that covers the fruit and that it is recommended to remove because it is bitter, compared to other citrus fruits.

How to choose and store it

Chinese grapefruit is not a common fruit in our stores, so if one day you see it and want to buy it, you should know that it is a fruit that has to weighotherwise it might be a little dry.

The skin It should not present bumps or stains and it should give slightly to the pressure of the fingers.

Once at home if you don’t open it keeps for about a week at room temperature, if this is fresh. In the refrigerator it can last up to ten days and if you do not consume it you can freeze its thin slices wrapped in film and inside a bag, or its juice in small airtight containers.

In order to open it and cut it You must cut a lid on one end of the grapefruit. Then you will cut vertical slices on its thick skin, then separating each of them with your fingers. Once this is done, the fruit will be much smaller in size and covered by a thick white skin that you must remove. Then separate the segments and remove the membrane that surrounds each segment.

Its uses in the kitchen


Chinese grapefruit it is usual to take it fresh, but also in juice rich in vitamins and minerals or with a yogurt. We can add it to salads, fruit salads or prepare jams and marmalades with it. Also as a garnish, lightly sautéing it on the grill to accompany meat and fish.

Directly to the Palate we have various recipes with the classic grapefruit that you can adapt to prepare them with the Chinese grapefruit:

Now that you know a little more about Chinese grapefruit, Have you not wanted to find it in your greengrocer?

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