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Discover what cocoa is and the best recipes to enjoy it

28 mayo, 2021

One of the main ingredients of the most delicious and popular foods in the world is cocoa, get to know it and different recipes to enjoy it.

What is it and where does it come from?

Cocoa is basically the powder obtained from the non-butter part of cocoa, which since pre-Hispanic times was considered the food of the gods, it was used to purify the soul and perform ceremonies, it was even so valuable that it worked as currency and not everyone was allowed to enjoy its delicious taste.


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Difference between cacao and cocoa

Cocoa takes 5 years to grow, it is left to ferment for 6 days and then it is left to dry for 5 days, to intensify its flavor and aroma, then it can be consumed pure or it can be used to prepare all kinds of food.

It is common to confuse cocoa and cocoa or to think that they are the same, but although both come from the fruit of the cocoa tree, there are big differences. Cocoa is itself the natural product, the unprocessed bean, pure and without added sugars or ingredients. While cocoa is an already processed ingredient, it is obtained by baking natural cocoa beans, which are later turned into powder.

Both are used to make pasta, tablets, butter and all kinds of foods, however cocoa is more commonly consumed pure and bitter, while cocoa is used to prepare most of the chocolates and desserts that we all love.


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Types of cocoa

  • Natural: It is clear, with an appearance similar to bicarbonate and its flavor is more acidic.
  • Processed or Dutch: It has a darker, finer color and can have different ingredients, mainly sugar.

Chocolate curiosities

  • The cacao tree is native to South America, although it was later brought to Mexico by the Mayans.
  • Cocoa pods have between 20 and 30 almond-shaped beans.
  • Columbus was the first European to know the cacao tree.
  • The first chocolate factories emerged in the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe and the United States.
  • Chocolate reduces stress, thanks to its theobromine, which is why it is known as a natural antidepressant.
  • White chocolate is not chocolate because it does not have cocoa paste, it is made with butter, milk, sugar and other ingredients.
  • Cocoa is the purest natural form of chocolate.
  • To prepare desserts or drinks, you just have to add a little cocoa, otherwise it will make the recipe bitter.

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