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Discover the fascinating origin of the Halloween pumpkin

24 mayo, 2021

The Halloween pumpkin, either as a lamp or a good costume, is one of the most popular symbols of these dates. Know its history.

The Halloween pumpkin It is one of the most popular elements of this season, we see in costumes, with a carved face or simply as a decorative object, especially in northern Mexico, in the United States and some European countries.

But why is the Halloween pumpkin one of the most prevalent symbols (if not the most important) of this holiday? Today we explain it to you.

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Halloween pumpkin

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The mysterious and fascinating origin of the Halloween pumpkin

You should know that the carving of this fruit has its origin in the traditions and legends of the Celtic peoples of Ireland and Scotland.

Legend has it that a long time ago, on Halloween, the devil went looking for an Irish farmer boy known as Jack.

The devil’s intention was to take his soul as a swindler. However, Jack managed to trick him and catch him. To free himself, the devil promised him that if he let him go “he would never look for him again.”

After several years. Jack died but, upon reaching heaven, he was rejected and upon reaching hell, the devil did not want to receive him either and condemned them to wander through purgatory.

Before leaving, Jack asked the devil one last favor: that he could give him a light to illuminate his path. The devil handed him an ember and Jack took a turnip that he carried in his bag, made a hole in it and placed an ember inside it.

This is one of the most popular legends of Ireland and Scotland, known as Jack of the lantern (Jack the lantern).

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History of the Halloween pumpkin

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But why pumpkins?

During the 17th century and until the 19th century, there was a significant arrival of Irish immigrants to the United States, taking with them their beliefs, legends, and traditions.

However, in the United States there were no plantations of turnips, which the Irish carved and placed in the windows to drive away the devil.

But there were a lot of pumpkins! So, they took these to carve them and put them on the windows instead of the turnips.

Currently, pumpkins are a decorative object for Halloween but, as you now know, their meaning is full of magic.

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