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Discover the different Mexican cheeses

25 mayo, 2021

Like a good part of our gastronomy, mexican cheeses they are the result of miscegenation. The Spanish brought livestock practices with them, and techniques, tastes and ingredients that originated them were added to the Mexican soil.

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The varieties are many, some cheeses were created entirely in Mexico -such as Cotija, Oaxaca or Chihuahua-, while some others are adaptations of cheeses born in other regions: such as provolone that is manufactured in Aculco, State of Mexico, or the manchego.

The latter has been very controversial, since in Spain there is also a Manchego cheese protected by a designation of origin in the La Mancha region, where Manchego sheep are raised, the only ones that, according to the Spaniards, can produce Manchego cheese; while in Mexico, this cheese is very popular: it is even used for quesadillas!

Here we invite you to learn more about Mexican cheeses and a bit of their history. What is your favorite and how do you like to prepare it?

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