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Discover some of the 15 most expensive cheeses in the world

22 mayo, 2021

Cheese is undoubtedly one of the best dairy products there is, but making cheese is a laborious task, as it requires a lot of patience and work since its manufacture involves a large number of processes such as curdling or ripening, which take place not only for several days, but on certain occasions for months and even years.

The origin and rarity of the ingredients of its elaboration, the difficulty in its elaboration or the duration of its maturation are some of the factors that can influence the price of a cheese, and thus we find cheeses that cost little less than a caviar , a French wine or champagne. These varieties that we show you today are some of the 15 most expensive cheeses in the world and you can discover them Directly to the palate.

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Beaufort d’Éte

Called “The prince of cheeses”, Beaufort is one of the most famous cheeses in the world. About 500 liters of milk are needed to make a single wheel of this cheese that weighs around 45 kilos.

Beaufort matures in an environment at 92% humidity, with temperatures below 15 degrees and for a minimum of 18 months, giving rise to a fruity, ivory-colored cheese with flavors of nuts, butter and dried herb.


The milk to produce this cheese comes from Beaufort Highland Cow Breed in the Haute-Savoie region of southeastern France. The production of this cheese is not new, it dates back to 2000 years ago, before the Roman occupation of France, until in 1976 the French government granted it the protected designation of Beaufort AOC.

Beaufort wheels are matured and during this time, cheese flavors are concentrated and developed, becoming extremely deep and complex, especially in cheeses made from summer milk.

Its price is around 80 euros per kilo.

Rogue River Blue

Winner of the Best in Show at the 2009 American Society Awards East cheese made from raw cow’s milk, of blue type and a beautiful natural bark, it is aged for a minimum of one year. The cheeses are turned during this time several times a week and the ripening process takes place in caves similar to those used to age Roquefort.

Rogue River Blue

The flavors of this cheese range from woody hints of pine to wild berries, mushrooms and pears. Each one goes wrapped in vine leaves harvested from the Rogue River Valley, and add additional complexity to its flavors, as well as protecting its creamy and moist texture.

Its price is around 87 euros per kilo.

Gorau Glas

This cheese made in the UK, specifically on a small farm on Anglesey, is a blue cheese made from cow’s milk by Margaret Davis.

Winner of many awards, it began to be sold at a small price, but its popularity and the fact that it won numerous awards made its price soar to become one of the most expensive cheeses in the world.

A cheese made in small quantities, of creamy texture and the aftertaste of its carefully cultivated blue inoculations.

Its price will be around 70 euros per kilo.


In 1998 brothers Andy and Mateo Kehler bought the dilapidated Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont and gradually built up a herd of Ayrshire heifers. After careful management and excellent choice of herd genetics, they now have one of the highest quality milking farms in United States.


Ayrshire cow’s milk has a few exceptional properties for cheese making thanks to its ratio of protein and fat, which results in Winnimere, a washed rind cheese that is aged for two months and brushed regularly with a local-style beer.

Every Winnimere cheese surrounds itself with a strip of fir bark, which helps maintain its shape and gives it aromas of wood, although flavors of almonds and grass can also be appreciated in it.

Its price will be about 80 euros per kilo.

Cacio Bufala

Buffalo’s milk has almost twice the fat of cow’s milk, which makes it produce some of the creamiest cheeses in the world. The Cacio Bufala is made at Casa Madaio, in Cilento, Campania, Italy and it matures between 8 months to a year in caves specially dedicated for it.

Cacio Bufala Cheese

This ivory yellow cheese has compact texture, it is semi-hard and has a very pleasant flavor with buffalo milk, with creamy notes and butter that make it melt in the mouth instantly.

Its price is around 80 euros per kilo.

Jersey Blue

Jersey Blue

Produced in Swiss milk from Jersey cows This dome-shaped blue cheese is initially aged in basements and pressed into marbled molds that shape the cheese so that the blue molds that will invade it develop there.

The blue jersey has a rich texture, with a slightly rancid aroma at first, and that becomes slightly spicy once cut, but maintaining the earthy flavor of raw milk.

Its price is around 80 euros per kilo.

Caciocavallo podolica

This cheese of Italian origin, specifically from the Campania region, is made with raw cow’s milk of a rare breed, podolica. the diet of these animals in the Italian mountains is based on nettles, blueberries, wild strawberries, rosehips, hawthorn, juniper and cherries, flavors that can later be enjoyed in cheese.

It is a cheese of spun pasta style, since the curd is stretched into a ball shape. This cheese has an unusual shape because young cheeses are tied with a string to make a neck and then suspended on a wooden rod to ripen.

Ripening is during three months to a year in a mountain hut of the shepherds and its original name seems to be that it comes from the traditional method of transporting them as saddlebags on the flanks of horses.

Its price will be for about 85 euros per kilo.


This French cheese from the Burgundy region is one of the best known washed bark. The first cheeses of this variety were created by monks from the Abbey of Cîteaux in the 16th century. This was one of Napoleon’s favorite cheeses and reached its peak during the middle of the 19th century, although it practically disappeared during World War II, its manufacture being resumed during the post-war period and obtaining AOC recognition in 1991.


This cheese is made with raw cow’s milk following a complex artisan process. Starting to wash its bark with salty water, it is then kept in a damp cellar for a month to be washed again with rainwater and a brandy called Marc de Burgundy, two or three times a week. Being its maturation of up to two months.

Cylindrical in shape, shiny orange rind and flexible and unctuous paste. Its main characteristic is its strong, pungent and penetrating odor that made it forbidden to take him on public transport.

Its price is around 80 euros per kilo.

Lord of the Hundreds

This is a cheese made in the East Sussex region of the United Kingdom from raw sheep’s milk. Of a semi-hard type and handmade, it has a golden yellow color with flavors of nuts, salty caramel as well as it has a grassy aroma.

Presents a original square shape, with a greyish bark that rubs off every two days. This is a cheese winner of many awards, including the bronze medal in the 2014 World Cheese Awards.

Its price is approximately 40 euros per kilo.

Extra Old Bitto


This cheese of Italian origin was introduced to Hong Kong by an importer, managing to sell at an exorbitant price despite the fact that such mature cheeses are not of Asian taste.

Now Bitto is a cheese made from a cow and goat milk combination, although it is not an easy cheese to make since it takes 10 years to mature. First produced in 1997 from a very long production process it is now sold all over the world.

Its price is for 255 euros per kilo.

Old ford

Old Ford cheese is a semi-hard cheese made from raw goat milk. In the summer, when temperatures are warm, it takes three months for its complete maturation, while in autumn it takes up to eight months to complete this process, achieving an intense and denser cheese than that of the spring season.

Produced by Mary Holbrook in Great Britain, has a firm and earthy texture with floral tones that tickle the tongue, with a crumble type or sandy brown acea and a snow white interior,

Its price will be about 110 euros per kilo.

Wyke Farms Cheddar

Bruton Wyke Farms Geograph Org Uk 1358484

A classic aged cheddar, to which is added white truffle and gold leaf which makes the price go up outrageously. Made by Wyke Farms in Somerset in the UK, this cheddar has won numerous awards and is considered a luxury item to add flavor to many foods.

Its price is around 340 euros per kilo.


White Stilton Gold

A Stilton cheese that has also been added edible gold, and is therefore considered one of the most expensive varieties in the world. Manufactured by Long Claawson Dairy in Leicestershire, this limited edition for the holidays has been one of the star cheeses of celebrities and millionaires.

Stilton Gold

Almost 97 times more expensive than a classic StiltonIn this special edition cheese you can see the deposits of edible gold when it is cut.

Priced at 765 euros per kiloIt is not a cheese for all audiences.

Moose Cheese

The Moose House at Bjurholm in Sweden is known for its elk dairy, unique in the world. Only three are the specimens that give milk for this exquisite variety of cheese, one of the most expensive in the world. Whose milk can only be milked between May and September, which implies even more a very exclusive elaboration with a production of 240 kilos of cheese per year.

Its price around 773 euros per kilo.

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Pule Cheese

One of the most popular cheeses in the world is this variety made with Balkan donkey milk. Only a few specimens of this species are available in the world, in the Zasavica area, so it is an expensive and rare cheese, since up to 25 liters of milk are needed to make it, which yields …