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Discover everything you can prepare with a blender

25 mayo, 2021

The blender is one of the appliances that you cannot miss in your kitchen and here we tell you everything you can do with it.

General characteristics of the blender

  • In some countries they are known as a glass blender.
  • They are the most common and oldest.
  • Grind all kinds of food, in addition to mixing and integrating them.
  • How much with an electric motor and propeller-shaped blades.
  • The engine is regulated at different speeds and powers.
  • Its operation generates a kind of whirlwind that attracts the ingredients to the blades.
  • It has a lid, the central part serves to add more ingredients without having to remove the entire lid.


Not all mixtures require a liquid base to integrate, it all depends on the thickness you need.

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What can you prepare with a blender?

Smoothies and shakes

You can create all kinds of mixes and combinations with your favorite ingredients to enjoy delicious drinks.


It is a typical sauce from Italy, its main ingredient is basil and it is used to accompany pasta, vegetables and meats.

Pancake batter

If you want a faster preparation and that the ingredients are well integrated, you just have to mix everything in the blender. It also works for mixing crepes.

Wholemeal hot cakes

A well-integrated mixture will help you make them softer.

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Especially if you are using ice, you should prepare your drinks to toast in the blender.


It helps you avoid the lumps left by mixing everything by hand and is faster.

Iced coffee

Although you need a lot of power to prepare a frappe, a conventional blender works very well to crush some ice with coffee.

chocolate frappe

Beat the craving once and for all! We teach you how to make chocolate frappe. You cannot miss this irresistible recipe.

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It gives it a creamier and more sauce-like texture.


Creating an option to accompany your taquitos or any meal is so easy that you just have to blend a few chiles, onion and salt.

macha sauce

If you want the sauce to be more liquid, you just have to add more water.


Prepare your baby’s meals without complications, just add the ingredients and a little water.

Mixes for pie and cakes

Especially if you are preparing a straightforward for few people and simple, it will serve you just like a blender.

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