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Discover everything you can do with the banana peel

25 mayo, 2021

We share with you 5 practical uses of the banana peel,
before you dispose of it completely.

Nowadays, more importance is being given to food residues, such as shells, stems, leaves and seeds. Today we want to talk to you about the banana peel and how you can make the most of it. So don’t throw them away and discover what you can do.

Remember: the more you take advantage of waste, you improve your economy, you generate
less waste and help the environment.

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What can you do with the banana peel?

Whiten your teeth

Banana peel is recognized as an excellent natural teeth whitener. You just have to brush as you normally do, and then rub for 1 to two minutes with the inside of the banana peel and rinse.

Banana contains salicylic acid, a natural astringent that helps remove stains from teeth.

Eliminate garden pests by cleaning your plants with banana peel

Practical uses of banana peel

Practical uses of banana peel.

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Have you found tiny white, brown or green bugs on the leaves of your plants? These are aphids, a common pest in gardens.

To scare them away, bury pieces of husk an inch deep into the soil of the affected plants. The potassium contained in the shell keeps this type of insects away.

Another benefit of the husk is that it will nourish your plants, as they are an excellent natural fertilizer.

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Goodbye flies!

Banana can also attract mosquitoes and flies, but not if you use it strategically: get a clean, empty 1-liter yogurt pot and poke small holes in its lid. Inside, put a shell and put it where there are more mosquitoes.

They will be able to enter the boat, but will no longer be able to exit Throw the trap a week.

Meat tenderizer banana peel

Practical uses of banana peel

Practical uses of banana peel

During the cooking of the meat, we recommend placing shells on top. The meat will absorb the oils and moisture from the rind. This will help make the meat juicier.

Seasoning for rice

To make your rice richer, place it inside the banana peels, tie with a string and steam.

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