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Discover everything about the paleo diet

25 mayo, 2021

Do you already know the paleo diet? On this occasion, the nutritionist Roxana Lorena González Lladó explains what it consists of and if this diet is for you. Take note!

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Know the paleo diet

By: Roxana González


First of all, it is very important to emphasize that not everyone is good at the same thing and we cannot all follow the same type of diet, since each of us has different needs and a different lifestyle.

What is important is to always be informed so that with the help of a professional we can see what is the most convenient for us.

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What is it?

The paleo / paleolithic diet / stone age or hunter-gatherer diet is a diet that promotes a return to the type of diet that was had in the paleolithic era.

It is a diet that seeks to recover the eating habits that helped our ancestors survive for thousands of years.

The most important reasoning behind this type of diet is that our body is not compatible with the diet we currently eat, since our body remains the same and with agriculture our lifestyle was totally changed, as well as the rapidly growing food industry and it has caused more and more people with chronic degenerative diseases such as (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) that are related to our type of diet

So what does it consist of? It is a diet that promotes eating as naturally as possible (as in Paleolithic times), approximately 35% of the total energy must come from carbohydrates (avoiding cereals), 35% from proteins and 30% from fats.

In addition, it seeks to increase the consumption of seeds, almonds, nuts, fruits with a low glycemic index and all possible vegetables.

In the case of meat, you can also consume chicken, beef, seafood, oily fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines that are rich in Omega 3.

It also seeks to eliminate 100% processed, refined foods, with preservatives, hormones and grains, that is, you cannot consume cereals such as bread, pasta, oats, potatoes, corn and sweet potatoes, neither do you consume dairy or legumes.

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What are the benefits of the paleo diet?

The benefits of this diet is that everyone can take it, it can help you regulate insulin by restricting certain carbohydrates, in the same way it is a diet high in omega 3 and has shown benefits in digestion.

In my point of view, it is a diet that is sustainable and that more than a diet to “lose weight”, it is a lifestyle in which it is promoted to stop consuming sugars, ultra-processed foods that in the long run will have a good impact on our lifestyle.

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What is the difference with a keto diet?

Mainly, in the keto diet, by completely restricting carbohydrates, you enter a state of ketosis in which your body begins to use fats as the main source of energy and in the paleo diet if carbohydrates are consumed (avoiding cereals ), another big difference is that the keto diet is practically fat-based while the paleo is more balanced in terms of the% of its macronutrients.

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Sample menu for the paleo diet

Breakfast Collation Food Collation Dinner
Omelette with mushrooms and spinach

2 eggs

1 cup of cooked spinach

½ cup of mushrooms

Put on top: ½ avocado and chopped tomato


1 cup of almond milk

6 strawberries

5 almonds

Tuna carnitas

Cut tuna steak into cubes and marinate in lemon

Cook them in the air fryer for 25 minutes with 1 tsp of oil

Serve with guacamole and red onion

Salad: 1 cup of spinach + grated carrot + beets and 1 tbsp of sunflower seeds.

10 almonds and 1 apple

Asparagus cream

Chicken bowl

90 g of chicken breast

2 cups of lettuce

½ cup of mushrooms

1 cup of broccoli

1 tomato

Dressing: 2 tsp olive oil + lemon and pepper