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Different types of tortillas that you find in Mexico

25 mayo, 2021

Tortillas are one of the ingredients that most defines and represents Mexico, that is why we invite you to know the different types tortillas that exist.

The exact definition indicates that a tortilla is a flat disk of cooked dough that is made by hand, it is a pre-Hispanic product that is one of the bases of Mexican gastronomy. The name of tortilla was given to them after the conquest, at the beginning they were only described as corn bread, but over time they were called tortilla, derived from the Nahuatl tlaxcalli, although in each culture it was called differently according to the dialect .

tortilla dough

The metate has been used since pre-Hispanic times to grind corn and prepare the dough for tortillas.

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Corn tortillas

They are the best known in Mexico to make them, the corn is shelled, then it is cooked in water with lime until the grains soften, after being left to rest it is ground and a dough is produced with which the typical Mexican tortillas are produced. .


Although they are also made with corn, what makes them different is the type of corn used to make them, which is blue corn, this has a pigment known as anthocyanins, the same one that gives blueberries their color, red cabbage. and plums.

blue tortillas

In other states of the Republic there are tortillas of other colors, but many have colorants.

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Flour tortillas

Also known as wheat flour, they are distinguished by their white color with small golden touches and are perfect for preparing burritos, gringas and wraps. It came to Mexico after the conquest when the Spanish introduced the planting of wheat and although at first the intention was to make bread, in reality it ended up creating another type of tortilla.


They are typical of northern Mexico, originating from the state of Sonora. They are made with butter, wheat flour and water, they have a slightly sweet taste, but what distinguishes them the most is their large size. They are served to accompany all kinds of stews and marinades, as well as to make tacos.

shoulder tortillas

The sobaqueras tortillas are originally from the state of Sonora.

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Others that are also popular in the northern states, which are distinguished by being flour flour tortillas, only they also have lard and are thicker and smaller.


Basically they are corn tortillas but in miniature and they are typical in taquerías, especially for tacos al pastor. The only thing we can say is that if it weren’t for them, ordering more than five tacos would be an exaggeration.

taco tortillas

Taco tortillas are more common in the center of the country.

Of nopal

As the name implies, they are the tortillas to which nopal is added to the original dough, they have become popular for being healthier, since different investigations have shown that they have fewer calories than the common corn tortilla. They can also be made from wheat flour.

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