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Different recipes with pork ribs to share

30 mayo, 2021

We know that there is nothing to end hunger like a meat delicacy, that is why we present you the best recipes with ribs that are to die for.

Ribs are a classic of barbecue, however today there are all kinds of recipes that allow you to enjoy them whenever and however you want. These recipes in particular are a must in gastronomy, especially if you like pork.

pork ribs

Baking the ribs is one of the best techniques to preserve their juicy characteristic.

Techniques for cooking ribs

  1. On the grill, it is perfect for when you are making roast meat or want a more direct cooking.
  2. Baked, this technique allows a great variety of preparations and is usually juicier.
  3. Stewed, it helps reduce the amount of fat and is perfect for day-to-day use.

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Tips to prepare the best ribs

  • Clean and remove all excess fat and membrane from the ribs, this will prevent them from being chewy and difficult to chew.
  • Never separate them before cooking, you will only make them dry and lose their juiciness.
  • Always try to accompany them with a sauce, especially if you are going to bake them, this helps not to lose the juices of the meat.
  • In addition to the sauce, it is important to season with spices before cooking.
  • Slow cooking and the ideal marinade are the secret to their easy removal from the bone.
  • Always cook them over low heat, if you do it over direct heat the interior may be raw or undercooked.
  • Marinate long enough, let them sit in the sauce for at least 30 minutes before cooking.
  • If you bake them, cover them with a piece of aluminum before putting them in the oven, this will help to prevent the juices and sauces from evaporating and escaping.
  • Add enough sauce, throughout the cooking process, varnish the ribs on both sides.
  • To achieve a special browning, in the last minutes apply more sauce and turn up the heat a little.

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