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Different recipes to prepare a cold pie

30 mayo, 2021

It’s dessert time and today we present you a delicious option without an oven. Learn to prepare the best cold pie recipes.

The idea and custom of having dessert dates back to the ancient Roman Empire, since it is well known that in this culture the greatest feasts of all were prepared, where there were innumerable dishes and among those, apparently, there were sweets, from which he ingested a little every time he changed salty dishes. Sweet dishes served as a bridge between each dish, but there was not a great variety, so it was very common to see fruits and breads with yeast and honey.

This custom has passed down so many generations, but in smaller quantities, where, currently, only one dessert is offered at the end of all meals.

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cold yogurt and red fruit pie

So that your cold pie has a good consistency, make sure to refrigerate it for more than 1 hour.

Cold desserts are usually everyone’s favorite, since, regardless of the climate in which we find ourselves, it will always be well received by most, but when we are in very hot times these are usually the easiest, fastest remedy and wanted to cool off and enjoy the weather.

Tips to prepare a good cold pie

  • The simplest way to make a crust is by grinding cookies, but don’t forget to mix with butter and sugar.
  • So that the crust is not too hard, add enough butter.
  • When you pour the crust into the mold make sure to form an even layer and not leave any gaps.
  • Before adding the mixture, refrigerate the base well so that it hardens.
  • Mix the ingredients well and give them enough time to combine well.
  • Make sure that the ingredients are at room temperature and not frozen so that it does not cost you to mix them.
  • Balances the flavors, to do this, ensure that the coverage is sweet and fruity.

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