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Died of cold? 13 dishes to combat the drop in temperatures

25 mayo, 2021

This year has been made to beg but the cold has finally arrived. This is what we have to do, with winter just around the corner, we could already sense that the pleasant temperatures weren’t going to last long. The abrupt change could have taken us a bit by surprise, so now we have to mentalize ourselves to face the winter months that lie ahead. If the low temperatures have also left you frozen, do not miss these 13 dishes to combat the arrival of winter, because there is nothing like beating the cold spoon in hand.

When one thinks of comforting dishes, it is inevitable to remember the more traditional spoon dishes. Stews, stews, stews, soups and others have something special It does that not only nourish and warm the body, but also a little the spirit. They remind us of our childhood and reconnect us with our roots, and they can be both strong and energetic dishes and lighter options, but they also help us fight the cold.

59 comforting legume recipes to combat the polar cold storm and warm up

Three delicious spoon dishes to beat the cold

Chicken soup

Cold Broth

Comforting and well-founded, it is the typical soup that is associated with caring for the sick and its mere aroma already makes us feel better. Chicken broth is one of those dishes that our grandmothers prepared as soon as the temperatures dropped and that we can recreate at home in a very simple way, with a traditional casserole or an express pot.

Comforting bean stew with squid

Cold Guisote

The name says it all, and it is that although some will raise an eyebrow when hearing the combination of beans with squid, we promise you that it is a simply delicious dish. Economic, simple, nutritious and very healthy, this stew is ideal to encourage us to add more legumes to our diet by varying the most typical recipes.

Salmon marmitako

Cold Marmitako

The traditional bonito has finished its best season but that does not prevent us from enjoying one of the most traditional dishes of our gastronomy. East humble plate popularized by the Basque fishermen can be enjoyed with a good salmon during winter, a very healthy fish that is easy to eat for the whole family.

Chicken stew with chickpeas with paprika

Stew Chicken Paprika Chickpeas

It is always advisable to cook dried legumes at home – and there is something special about letting them soak the night before – but I also defend the validity of having some in the pantry. good preserves for those days when we have less time. A good pot of cooked chickpeas enriches this chicken stew with paprika that will ask you loudly to accompany it with good bread.

Parisian soup in express pot

Cold Parisiene

The pressure cooker is a great ally in the cold months, since it allows us to prepare recipes as rich as this French-inspired Parisian soup in a very short time. Simple ingredients for a result that will surprise you with its flavor and a very delicate texture, it is perfect to go to bed warm and sleep like a baby.

Stewed lentils

Cold Lentils

Beyond the stews and stews of which each region has its specialty, I think we can affirm that the most typical legume dish in Spanish families is the lentils. It is time to claim good stewed lentils and remind new cooks that it should be one of the main recipes in any home.

Minestrone soup

Cold Minestrone

We are now going to Italy to learn how to prepare one of its most typical dishes to combat the cold, the minestrone soup. Although each house has its own version, we can describe it as a soup with vegetables, legumes, pasta and cheese, without a doubt a winning combination for a very complete recipe. White beans are usually used but my mother makes her recipe with red varieties, in any case it is a highly recommended soup.

Pumpkin cream in cider with arugula and hazelnuts

Cold Pumpkin

The pumpkin It has become the star of autumn and in my house it is essential to prepare light but filling creams and soups. This recipe for arugula and hazelnut cider cream is a good way to vary the flavors by adding different textures that contrast with the mellowness of the crushed pumpkin.

Chicken soup with corn and vermicelli in Chinese style

Cold Chinese Soup

If we prefer Asian flavors we can also recreate them in our spoon dishes, as in this Chinese-style chicken, corn and vermicelli noodle soup. This type of rice pasta cooks very quickly and is very soft, making it perfect for a light but filling meal or for dinner. The egg and chinese spices they finish rounding up a very easy recipe.

Spicy noodles with chicken, ginger and chili

Cold Noodles

Another idea for friends of oriental cuisine, this time with a spicy dot delicious. The noodles, this time thicker, are enriched here in a broth full of flavor thanks to the touch of ginger, chili and soy sauce, all seasoned with mushrooms, chicken and bean sprouts that give a crunchy counterpoint.

Simple dashi broth with vegetables

Cold Dashi

The dashi It is one of the most essential bases of Japanese cuisine – no, not everything is sushi, far from it -, a light broth full of flavor that can mark the whole personality of a dish. With this simple version we can prepare a light soup loaded with vegetables to have a very healthy dinner, nothing heavy but very nutritious. For those who want to warm up without adding too many calories.

Green beans stewed with clams and prawns

Cold Verdinas

We return to our country to taste one of my favorite legumes, the green beans stewed here with clams and prawns. A very sailor dish that we could easily include in our Christmas menus, and that is worth enjoying throughout the winter.

Tomato, carrot and ginger cream

Cold Tomato

Many associate the tomato to soups and cold creams, but is also excellent as a base for warm and comforting spoon dishes. It is a good resource to take advantage of the winter tomatoes that have less flavor, since here they complement very well with the sweetness of the carrots and are enhanced with the ginger and the surprise touch of the blueberry jam.

Stews, creams, soups or stews, any spoon dish prepared with love and good ingredients is ideal for fight the cold and face the winter which has already made its appearance. There are options for all tastes, with stronger recipes and other lighter ones, seafood, meat or vegetarian, are you going to be able to resist?

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