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Did you know that you can reduce the calories in rice by changing the way you cook it?

21 mayo, 2021

Rice is a very common ingredient in our kitchen. Perhaps not as much as in China, Japan and other Asian countries, but quite common. And it is that rice offers many advantages: it is cheap, easy to prepare and combines with a lot of other ingredients and flavors. With it they can be made from salads to desserts, although its usual kingdom is that of the main dish or as a garnish.

The but, because there is always a but, is that rice is not excessively healthy. In fact, a high consumption of rice, as well as other starchy foods (such as potatoes) is linked to an increased risk of diabetes. A cup of cooked rice contains 200 calories, most of which come from starch, which is turned into sugar. However, a Sri Lankan student has discovered a way of cooking rice that reduces the amount of calories and starch.

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How can the same rice have fewer calories

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It turns out that our body does not absorb all the starch in the same way.. Thus, for example, starches known as “digestible starches” are rapidly transformed into glucose and then into glycogen, being stored in our love handles if we do not perform enough physical activity. However, there are other types of starches, called “resistant starches”, that our body does not absorb in the same way, and therefore provide us with less glucose.

Sudhair James, a student at the Sri Lanka College of Chemical Sciences, and his professor Dr. Pushparajah Thavarajah, found that by changing the way rice is cooked it is possible to modify the structure of the starch containing.

How to cook rice so it has fewer calories

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The “trick” to removing calories from rice is relatively simple. When the water is boiling, before adding the rice, add a little oil (in your case coconut, although any fatty oil should do). Once cooked, we must let the rice cool in the fridge for 12 hours before reheating it to eat.

Apparently, oil interacts with starch to alter its structurea, while the cooling process helps preserve the conversion of starch, resulting in rice with less caloric load, even reheated.

This is something that they have been able to verify in one of the less healthy varieties of rice of the 38 found in Thailand, but they have still achieved a reduction of between 10 and 12%, and hope to achieve a reduction of 50 or the 60% in other varieties of rice.

The researchers also add that they have found that, surprisingly, fried or pilaf-style rice also contains more resistant starch than simply boiled, something that also happens with potatoes: boiled is when more digestible starch present, which does not mean that frying them is healthier, that a little more starch is always better than all the oil in a fry, for example.

Would you change the way you prepare rice to avoid calories?

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After this interesting discovery, which may represent an interesting change especially in areas where a lot of boiled rice is consumed, such as Southeast Asia, and where obesity rates are increasing, there is a question to ask: Would you change the way you prepare rice to avoid calories?

To me, personally, just thinking about having to leave the rice in the fridge for 12 hours gives me like “I don’t know what”, because rice is something that I have always liked freshly made. But on the other hand, it is also true that boiled white rice as it stands better, and if we usually add it to salads or use it as a garnish, it is good to know that We can remove calories simply by adding a few drops of oil (I have always done that) and letting it rest in the fridge.

Via | The Washington Post
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