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Deviled eggs recipe. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

We will start by preparing a bowl with water and some ice cubes. Then cook the eggs for ten minutes and we remove them from the heat, letting them rest for five more minutes in the water. Once the time has passed, we put them in the ice water so that the shell comes out perfectly.

We remove the shell and cut them in half, removing the yolk. In a bowl, mash the yolks with a fork Cooked and add the mustard, mayonnaise, hot chili sauce to our liking, and season.

We put the filling in a pastry bag with a curly nozzle, we distribute it among the cooked egg whites and sprinkle with powdered paprika and chopped chives. Serve them cold.

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With what to accompany the deviled eggs

The deviled eggs or deviled eggs They are a great snack for a snack. You can give them your personal touch by adding pieces of baicon, chopped green olives, or even some prawns, but even the traditional way they are delicious.

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