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Dessert recipes to show your love this Valentine’s

25 mayo, 2021

Valentine’s Day It is the ideal date to show everything we feel, and nothing better than with something made at home. For this reason, we invite you to prepare some delicious desserts made with a lot of love. You will fall in love with its taste!

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Valentine: know the relationship between love and food

Valentine's desserts

Why do we like to show love with food on Valentine’s Day? Find out

Why do we show our love with chocolates, a wine toast, or a romantic dinner? Believe it or not, there is a whole scientific explanation behind this and it has been studied since the 18th century.

Back then, in Western societies, love was understood as an emotional dynamic that had to be shared with someone else.

In this way, love and food have an association that can determine many behaviors, beliefs and even the way of eating and eating.

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Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, has a theory that the pleasures of food reside in the brain and not in the mouth, as we believe:

This scientist defines the act of eating as a complex multisensory experience that brings together aromas, sounds, colors and memories, sensations that are present in a significant way in our love relationships.

This curious way of giving affection has its reasons: when someone falls in love or eats something they really like, they release a substance called dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for carrying pleasant messages to the brain and generating a feeling of well-being.

By combining the sensation of love with the pleasure of food, sensations are generated that are never erased from the mind.

Not only that: showing love through food is a whole ritual that goes from going to the supermarket, setting the table and the way food is prepared.

In addition to Valentine’s Day, there are other moments that we consider crucial in our lives and that are accompanied by food: the cake on birthdays, the May 10 meal for Mom and even engagements and weddings are celebrated with a great banquet.

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Pleasure and survival

Dr. Allen of the University of Southern California, was in charge of studying the evolution of the human brain by associating the act of eating with pleasure.

His theory is that our sense of survival is capable of recognizing those people with whom we eat, which give us security.

This can be reflected in the tradition of approaching eating with those who matter to us: that’s why we meet at Christmas, we get together with co-workers for lunch, or we go to have coffee with our friends. Eating alone is not our favorite option!

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