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Cuts of meat: the T-Bone

25 mayo, 2021

It is well known that meat is not cut in the same way in all countries and not even the cuts have the same names. Today I want to tell you about a cut of meat: the T-bone that is not usually found in Spanish butchers, and that seems wonderful to me

The T-bone, as its name indicates in English, it is a special cut of meat that includes a bone in the shape of the letter T. This cut is very common in both the United Kingdom and the United States and is characterized by being made transversely to the ribs, so that the T-bone includes two different pieces of meat, one on each side of the bone.

The raw T-bone

The two parts of meat are also, two of the noblest parts of veal, since on one side there is a portion of sirloin and on the other side we find a sirloin steak. Separating both parts, as you can see in the image, a bone with the characteristic shape of the letter T that gives its name to this cut.

Originally, the T-bone should not be very thick, as it should not exceed two cm in height. Even the most purists say that it should measure 24.26 mm, which is the diameter of a American quarter dollar coin, making the measurement by placing the coin on its edge next to the filetón.

In the United KingdomWhere I bought this piece, this limitation is not used, but the rib marking is approximately followed, the fillets being about 3 cm high in the upper part of the loin, where the two types of meat are perfectly distinguished.

How to cook a T-Bone

T bone ready and presented

This piece of meat it is usually cooked on the grill, either on the embers of a barbecue or on an electric grill. Of course, in a good carmela or ribbed pan it can be done perfectly and you can even make a grid by turning the piece 90 degrees to half of what you leave each face on the fire.

Salt should be added when turning the meat. Approximately they will be needed three minutes on each side, so that the meat is undercooked, and four so that it is ready. If desired, it can be sprinkled with a couple of turns of freshly ground black pepper.

Accompanied by some piquillo peppers also passed through the grill, it is delicious and it is a pleasure to be able to combine two such excellent pieces of meat in a single dish to be able to enjoy the sirloin and the sirloin steak at once. What does this cut of meat look like? You know, if you see it, do not hesitate to order a T-bone Steak.

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