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Curiosities of Mexican chilies: the tastiest in the world

24 mayo, 2021

Become an expert and know the different types of chili peppers in Mexico. If you like Mexican food so much, you have to learn about this food, which is the staple of many recipes.

The importance of chili in Mexican culture is due not only to the fact that it is a food that is eaten daily, but also because, thanks to the climatic conditions of the country, many types of chili can be grown in practically all regions of the Republic.

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What you need to know about the types of chili peppers in Mexico

  1. The most consumed chili by the Mexican is the jalapeño, also known as cuaresmeño when it is still green.
  2. The spiciest species produced in Mexico is the habanero, cultivated mainly in Yucatán, Baja California Sur, San Luis Potosí, Chiapas, Sonora, Tabasco and Veracruz.
  3. Researchers have determined that the habanero pepper comes from the Amazon, through trade it reached the Caribbean through Havana to Mexico.
  4. The second hottest chili in Mexico is the chipilín also known as piquín, produced mainly in Sonora and Sinaloa.
  5. The least hot chili peppers are poblano and bell pepper.
  6. According to researcher Porfirio Simón López López, the most important chili peppers, according to their production They are the serrano, jalapeño, guajillo and ancho, followed by the pasilla, habanero, arbol and apple tree.
  7. In Zacatecas, the largest amount of dried chili is grown.
  8. Contrary to what you may think, the chile de arbol does not grow on a tree but on a large bush.
  9. In Mexico there are 64 varieties of chili peppers, according to the National System of Phytogenetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (SINAREFI).
  10. Only in the state of Oaxaca there are 25 types of chili peppers.
Types of Mexican chili peppers

We present the types of Mexican chili peppers and some delicious recipes for you to prepare and enjoy their flavor in a big way. Getty Images

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Most used chili peppers in Mexico

Fresh chili name Name of dried chili
Mirasol or puja Guajillo or rattlesnake
Jalapeño or cuaresmeño Chipotle
Poblano Broad or mulatto
Tree chili Tree chili
Chilaca Pasilla
Chile güero or carricillo Chilhuacle
Highlander Highlander
Habanero Habanero

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The history of chili in Mexico

Chili has been a staple food since pre-Hispanic times, along with beans and corn. The evidence of its oldest consumption is referred to the Coxcatlán cave, in Tehuacán, Puebla, where archaeologists discovered remains with an antiquity of more than 6 thousand years.

It is believed that chili peppers were very useful both as a food and as a preservative, since their use slows the decomposition of other foods and was very useful especially for nomadic hunters and gatherers.

In the Mendocino and Florentine codices, reference is made to the use of this product, both in a food and ritual way: children, for example, were punished by making them inhale the smoke from chili peppers thrown over bonfires.

In addition, Chicomecóatl, goddess of maintenance, was offered various foods, among which chili stood out.

Also, the chili functioned as a tributary food between the Triple Alliance, formed by Tenochtitlán, Texcoco and Tacuba, and as “currency” in the markets of Tlatelolco and Pátzcuaro.

As you will see, the chili has been more than a food in the history of Mexico and that is why it is a symbol of identity of great weight in our country.

Do you dare to try the hottest chili peppers? Get to know them!

Now that you know more about the different types of chili peppers in Mexico, do not forget to use them in your next dish, for this, know the best food recipes in Easy Kitchen.