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Curiosities about Mexican gastronomy that you should know

24 mayo, 2021

Mexicans are proud of our food, famous worldwide. For this reason, every November 16 we celebrate the National Day of Mexican Gastronomy, a celebration full of aromas, flavors and colors.

And what can we say is the best thing about food? It is a difficult decision, because it is one of the most varied, economical, healthy and delicious in the world.

Therefore, we share these curiosities about Mexican gastronomy that will leave you with a very good taste in your mouth:

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Curiosities of Mexican gastronomy

Older than it seems


(Photo: Getty Images)

Currently we are fortunate to have dishes that are the product of the encounter of indigenous and Hispanic cultures. However, our gastronomy is older than you can imagine.

Foods such as corn, beans and chili have been prepared and consumed for thousands of years, made as tlacoyos, tortillas, broths and more.

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The first cookbook of Mexican gastronomy


(Photo: Getty Images)

It’s called The Mexican Cook, and this was the first to include recipes from Mexico, unlike other cookbooks of the time, which included recipes brought from Europe.

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Pioneer nuns

New Spanish cuisine in a convent

Nocohispana conventual cuisine. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Colony was a crucial period for our gastronomy, since it was in the convents where many of the dishes that we know today were made.

Women and men members of religious orders made traditional meals such as cajeta, buñuelos, quince paste and delicious rompope.

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French influence on Mexican gastronomy

4 delicious ways to prepare chiles en nogada

Typical of the state of Puebla, it is prepared with poblano chile stuffed with minced meat stew and bathed in a creamy walnut sauce, as well as pomegranate and parsley.

Not only the Spanish left their mark on our food. Also the French, during the reign of Maximiliano, brought ingredients and recipes that influenced our typical dishes, such as chiles en nogada and rabbit in mustard.

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The omelette: a great protagonist

tlayuda tortilla

The tlayuda is, in itself, the omelette. This can be accompanied by various ingredients. (Photo: Getty Images)

This has been consumed since pre-Hispanic times and gave way to many typical dishes, such as flautas, tacos, chilaquiles, tortilla soup, tlayudas and more.

But did you know that from 1940 to 1980 tortillas were sold in cans? It is very difficult to imagine.

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Exotic ingredients of Mexican gastronomy

chapulines tacos

Tacos de chapulines (Photo: Getty Images)

Ancient civilizations used ingredients that currently seem impossible to us, but you will be surprised to know that in some regions of Mexico they are still being consumed.

For example, to make mixiotes, iguana or venison meat is very popular, and there are even recipes with rattlesnakes!

And of course, insects, such as grasshoppers and jumiles, could not be absent. Would you eat them?

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