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Cuban mojito, video recipe for easy, simple and delicious cooking

24 mayo, 2021

When I told a Cuban friend a couple of years ago how mojitos were made here in Spain, he made the same face I should make when someone tells me that they put peas or chorizo ​​in paella. So I took him by band and asked him to explain how to make the authentic (and refreshing) Cuban mojito.

In this case, the difference is not so much in the ingredients, but in the way the mojito is prepared. Change the order, and also some crucial details, as you can see if you continue reading, although It is all summarized in the video that we include, and that is about my words.

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We will start with the basic procedure, although then I will make a few annotations later, already for note. The first thing is to add about two teaspoons of sugar in a tall and slightly wide glass (although it is also valid as a tube), on top of the sugar add half a chopped lime, and squeeze it with the help of the mortar.

On the sugar we add a blow of the siphon, more or less double the amount that we are going to put rum (in the video you can see clearly), and now is when add the mint, which we crush, but without chopping itsimply to release its aroma. Then we add the white rum, and finally the ice. We stir, we place the corresponding straw, we decorate with a sprig of mint and that’s it.

Curiosities and details of the authentic Cuban mojito

The quintessential rum used in mojitos is Havana Club 3, although Bacardi has always defended that it was theirs that was originally used. My source says that actually, it doesn’t matter, they’re both perfectly suitable dry white rums.

The always white sugar, made from cane, although it must be taken into account that Cuban sugar is less refined than ours.

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Adding a siphon is actually optional. He told me that a well-made mojito does not have a siphon or sparkling water, and that also, in bars they used to prepare the mojito well in advance (the day before or in the morning) to let the rum marinate with the mint and lime , and then you just had to add ice when serving. If the prepared glasses ran out, the mojito was gone.

The ice used is cubed, because the Caribbean heat would cause the crushed ice to melt too quickly, watering down the drink.

The most famous mojito is that of La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, on whose walls Hemingway wrote: My mojito in La Bodeguita, My Daiquiri in El Floridita. They prepare it there as I have described, although there are also others who have fervently assured me that the one there is a version adapted to be served quickly and that it should be served as follows:

  • Lime juice
  • Tablespoon and a half of sugar
  • Two crushed spearmint sprigs (not crushed)
  • 3 ice cubes
  • 4.5 cl of White Rum, fill with sparkling water and stir around the edges
  • Optionally, a note of angostura

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With what to accompany the authentic Cuban mojito

The authentic cuban mojito It is a sweet, pleasant and very refreshing drink thanks to the touch of citrus and the aroma of peppermint, ideal for when it is hot and you do not want too strong drinks. However, as it has sugar and is so easy to drink, it is quite stubborn, so it should be enjoyed in moderation.

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