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Cotton candy cone with blue bubble gum ice cream

26 mayo, 2021

Do you already have the dessert to pamper your little ones this Children’s Day? You will love preparing this cotton candy cone with blue bubble gum ice cream. Perfect for them to feel your love!

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Cotton Candy Cone Recipe with Blue Bubble Gum Ice Cream

  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Servings: 4


  • 4 scoops of bubble gum ice cream
  • 1 pink cotton candy
  • ½ cup of colored chochitos
  • 10 chewing gums
  • 4 wafers

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Take some of the cotton candy and place it on the waffle. Serve a ball of bubble gum ice cream, finish decorating with bubble gum and colored pussies.

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Chewing gum and gum… are they the same?

According to the Very Interesting site, chewing gum is a biodegradable vegetable resin, while chewing gum is synthetic.

The word chicle comes from Nahuatl tzictli, and this was chewed by our ancestors. It is a gummy sap, a little hard, aromatic and with a slightly sweet taste.

This is obtained from the tree Manikara zapota, known as chicozapote, which is native to Mexico and tropical areas of Central and South America.

Until recently, commercial gum manufacturers still used this sap, but since the 1950s, most have replaced it with polyvinyl acetate as a gummy base, as it is cheaper.

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