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Corn tortillas for tacos, easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

21 mayo, 2021

We pour the flour into a bowl and mix it with the salt. We add the slightly warm water little by little while we stir with the fingers of one hand. The dough must be soft, although not excessively, but that it maintains the shape and we press with a finger and we can make balls with it without problems.

Yes we have a comal, great, but if not, what we will do is cook the corn tortillas in a griddle or non-stick pan. It is important that it is very hot and on a rather high heat, which we can regulate or lower as necessary, so that the tortillas are done well.

We divide the dough into balls The size that best suits us, according to the size we want the tortillas. In my case, I like them rather small, because they are more comfortable to eat, so I make the balls the size of a plum.

We flatten them slightly And if we have a press or tortillera, which is what they use in Mexico to crush the dough, we will do it with it. If this is not the case, we place the ball between two pieces of plastic wrap and squash it with something that has weight, such as the oven tray. The important thing is that they should be as thin as possible, barely several millimeters thick.

We can also stretch with the classic roller although the shape and the result will be more irregular. Anyway we can always resort to the typical hoop and that we have perfect edges. Once we have the tortilla with the final shape, we turn it over with the help of the film on the hand and put it on the comal or griddle that will be very hot.

We wait a minute or two and see how a kind of bubbles form on the surface, we turn around and finish doing. We can do a third round if we want to do better, although it is not necessary. We repeat the operation with the rest of the dough and consume as soon as possible.

How to make corn tortillas for tacos.  Mexican recipe step by step

With what to accompany corn tortillas for tacos

The Mexican corn tortillas for tacos you have to eat them freshly made. What we do to keep them well while we finish cooking the rest is to place them in a mountain shape one on top of the other covered with a clean cotton cloth. We can also put the dish on a saucepan with warm water, so that they remain hot and do not harden.