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Cordovan salmorejo. Easy and simple Thermomix recipe.

25 mayo, 2021

We wash the tomatoes well and remove the parts that are attached to the peduncle. We cut them in half and place them in the glass. We peel the garlic cloves and remove the inner germ, with this we soften its flavor, and we add them to the glass. We program 30 seconds, speed 5.

Add the chopped white bread (we can also use bread crumbs) to the glass, the vinegar and season to taste. We grind for 30 seconds, speed 5. We lower the remains of the walls and we program again five minutes at speed 10.

During this time we pour the extra virgin olive oil through the mouth, without removing the glass, so that it falls little by little. With this we achieve that the mixture emulsifies and we obtain an incomparable velvety and creamy texture. The friction raises the temperature of the salmorejo, so we store it in the fridge until serving time.

Step By Step Salmorejo Cordobes With Thermomix

With what to take the cordovan salmorejo with Thermomix

Traditionally, the cordovan salmorejo It is served with a garnish of hard-boiled egg and Serrano ham, both finely chopped, and a few extra drops of extra virgin olive oil. If you like it thick, a few picks or scolds to use as a spoon are a great option. If you like more liquid, then we eat it with a spoon.

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