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Cookies for Santa: know the origin of this tradition

23 mayo, 2021

Saint Nicholas, better known as Santa Claus, is one of the most iconic characters of Christmas. Children eagerly await your visit and, with great enthusiasm, leave some cookies for santa accompanied by a glass of milk, as a sign of appreciation for their gifts.

But where does this magic-filled tradition come from? Today we want to tell you about it and we also want to share some delicious cookie recipes so that you too can leave Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

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Cookies for Santa: a tradition full of magic

Cookies for Santa Claus

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The origin of this tradition is not known for sure; yes, this custom dates from the thirteenth century in the Netherlands.

By then, gingerbread prepared with honey and pepper already existed. This was a hard cake with a sweet taste that was made in different countries but with different names.

From the recipe for this bread, the Dutch created cookies named pepernoten, small, flavored with caramel and walnuts, specially prepared for the feast of San Nicolás, on December 6.

You should know that Saint Nicholas is the patron of children. In the Dutch tradition, this character disembarks on the Dutch shores from Spain to bring gifts to the children together with his assistant Zwarte Pieten, who distributes the cookies pepernoten.

With the arrival of the first Dutch settlers to the English colonies of America, they brought their traditions and also cookies.

However, since sugar is an expensive and difficult to find product, cookies were reserved for special occasions, or also as gifts to show respect to visitors.

As the American and Dutch cultures merged, the traditions also had changes: American children began to leave a snack for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, so that he could have something to eat and continue on his way without becoming exhausted.

In Mexico, the tradition of the arrival of Santa Claus began after the 1950s, so the rite of cookies is not so common. However, in some places they have this custom but in the feast of the Magi.

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Christmas cookie recipes

Vanilla flavor Santa Claus cookie

Santa Claus cannot be absent this Christmas. Include it in your celebration by preparing a delicious vanilla-flavored Santa Claus cookie.

We bet you want to be part of this tradition and leave a nice and delicious present for Santa. In addition, it is a tradition that you can do as a family and that fills children with enthusiasm.

So, put on your Christmas apron and learn how to make these delicious cookies for Santa.

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