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Clams with garlic. Traditional recipe

25 mayo, 2021

We start by leaving the clams in salted water for a few hours, so that remove any sand that may be inside. It is important to respect a couple of hours in water, changing them from time to time, so that no one is surprised by chewing sand.

Once the clams are clean, we laminate the garlic cloves and cut a piece of chilli and put them to infuse in the warm oil, with the fire to minimum to prevent the garlic from browning too quickly. Add the clams and cover the pan so that the steam helps the clams to open.

While they are all opening, we are chopping parsley, which we will use at the last minute to sprinkle over the clams with garlic, which will have already finished opening and will be ready for tasting. Prepare bread that you will need.

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With what to accompany the clams with garlic

The best recommendation for you to accompany these clams with garlic is to buy a good quality bread -or make it at home- because the most tasty thing about this dish is the oil that picks up the flavors of the clams, the garlic and the spicy touch of the chilli. To enjoy.

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