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Christmas traditions to make at home during the pandemic

23 mayo, 2021

Again we have to take care of ourselves and stay at home to avoid the increase in COVID-19 outbreaks. Although we do not meet as a family or go out to the inns with friends, this means that we cannot carry out homemade christmas traditions very entertaining and fun.

Do not miss the opportunity to have fun at home and enjoy these activities that you can easily do at home and in your kitchen. You are going to enjoy them a lot!

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Christmas traditions without leaving home

Make your piñata!


Making your own piñatas for posadas and New Year’s Eve parties is very easy. (Photo: Getty Images)

Possibly this year we will miss many posadas, but one thing we can assure you is that making your own piñata is super fun: you can choose the materials and colors to put it together, and you already have many of the things you need at home: paper, cardboard. and glue.

Obviously you cannot miss the filling of your piñata: to this, in addition to fruits and sweets, you can put party blowers, confetti, streamers, small balloons and cookies.

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Cookies to decorate the tree: one of the sweetest Christmas traditions

Cookies to decorate

Now is the time to decorate your tree! We teach you how to make cookies to give it a different touch with materials that you have in your kitchen.

A very sweet way to decorate your Christmas tree is by putting cookies instead of spheres. Besides being very easy to prepare, they are very nice as decoration and wrapped in plastic you can eat them after the season.

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Gingerbread figures

Gingerbread man cookie

Gingerbread man cookies are a Christmas classic (Photo: Getty Images)

In Germany the tradition of preparing cookies with different figures at Christmas time was born: from houses, dolls and stars with the flavor of ginger.

This tradition has spread all over the world and you too can make your own cookies, easy and delicious!

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Magical Christmas Traditions: Fill Your Boot With Candy

Christmas boots

Christmas traditions: boot in fireplace (Photo: Getty Images)

Legend has it that a father with three daughters lived in extreme poverty and did not even have money to eat.

One night, his laments reached the ears of Saint Nicholas of Bari, the saint who inspired the character of Santa Claus! He took pity on them and dropped some gold coins down the chimney that fell into the stockings that the family had hung there to dry.

This beautiful story became a tradition and now we usually hang or give boots full of sweets. Make some very simple ones out of felt and fill them with your favorite treat.

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Cookies for Santa

Cookies for Santa

Cookies for Santa is a tradition that children love. (Photo: Getty Images)

Do not forget to leave on Christmas Eve some delicious cookies for Santa accompanied by a glass of milk. It’s a cute tradition that kids will love.

We have the most delicious Christmas cookie recipes, make your favorites!

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