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Chorizo ​​croquettes, easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

We open the chorizo ​​lengthwise, remove the tripe and crumble. We heat a non-stick pan and without adding any type of fat we add the chorizo ​​meat. We stir and let it be done for a few minutes. We put to drain on a plate on absorbent kitchen paper and while we make the bechamel.

To do this, we put the butter in a large pot, when it has dissolved we add the flour and with a few rods we stir and “fry” a couple of minutes so that the flour loses its raw flavor. We add the milk little by little at the same time stir vigorously to prevent lumps from forming. We will allow the milk to be consumed> before adding another splash.

We raise the heat a little, and without stopping to stir, when the béchamel begins to boil season and add nutmeg to taste. Cook the cream for about 15 minutes without stopping stirring at any time to avoid sticking. After 10 minutes or so, before finishing cooking the dough, we add the very minced chorizo ​​and mix it giving a few turns so that the sauce takes on the flavor.

We pour the dough into a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a few hours to solidify. To shape the croquettes with the help of a spoon, we take portions of the dough, we make the shape with our hands, in this case balls, and we pass each chorizo ​​croquette through breadcrumbs, egg and breadcrumbs, in this order.

We do the same until all the dough is finished. We fry the croquettes in plenty of olive oil and let it rest on absorbent paper before serving.

Homemade chorizo ​​croquettes recipe step by step

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With what to accompany the chorizo ​​croquettes

The chorizo ​​croquettes they are perfect for an aperitif or dinner if we simply accompany them with a salad. By making the chorizo ​​first apart and letting any fat it may have drain off, they are not heavy at all and have all the flavor of the marinated meat that is impregnated in the béchamel, so they are delicious.