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Chinese cabbage salad. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

25 mayo, 2021

We prepare the vinaigrette in a deep and wide container that is not metallic (so that the vinegars do not react). Pour in the oils, vinegars, soy sauce, sesame seeds and season to taste. We beat well with some metal rods until emulsified.

We remove the outer green leaves of the cabbage to keep only the central ones that are more tender. Cut into thin julienne strips, wash and dry well. We peel the carrots and grate them or cut them in julienne with a knife. We add both vegetables to the vinaigrette along with the corn and the bean sprouts and corn. We stir well so that all the vegetables soak up the vinaigrette. We let it rest before serving.

Step By Step Chinese Cabbage Salad

CAULIFLOWER FILLETS with chimichurri sauce

With what to accompany the Chinese cabbage salad

The chinese cabbage salad It can be eaten on its own, although it is not a filling dish, but it is perfect to degrease the body from time to time. However, it can also be served as a garnish for fish and meat or some oriental style preparation such as these Chinese vegetable and meat rolls.

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