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Chili and Mexican sauce recipes, kitchen staples

26 mayo, 2021

The chili and Mexican sauce recipes are a key piece in the daily meal. Salsa, a mixture of chili, water, salt and various culinary spices is sometimes the most important part of many dishes in Mexican cuisine.

Here we share 23 recipes for Mexican sauces that you are going to love. Choose your favorite and prepare it.

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Hot sauce: a staple of Mexican food

Mexican sauce recipes

We are going to share with you the most delicious Mexican sauce recipes (Photo: Getty Images)

If you are just getting to know Mexican food, it is important that you know that the main element of a sauce is chili, a word derived from the Nahua word chilli. Currently it is known that Mexico has 64 different varieties of chili, according to the National System of Phytogenetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (SINAREFI).

The most important chilies for Mexicans are serrano, jalapeño, guajillo and ancho, followed by pasilla, habanero, arbol and apple tree. While the hottest chili in the entire republic is habanero, grown in the states of Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo. Would you choose it to make your first Mexican sauce?

Jesús Flores y Escalante, writer of the book Brief history of Mexican cuisine, write the following about chili:

“By incorporating it with the tomato, the green tomato, the guaje or huaxi, and some other aromatic plants, such as the epazote, the pápalo and the pipicha, the sauces were born, which by adding water caused the production of various moles o mollis “.

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Throughout the country you can find different ways to prepare sauces: in molcajete, raw, roasted or ground, you can also add the ingredients that you most want. To make your perfect sauce, use the 64 types of chili peppers that exist in the region, spices and even mango, tamarind, cucumber, among other foods. Get creative!

Keep reading because we share recipes for Mexican sauces, each with a unique flavor, always delicious and spicy.

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Mexican sauce recipes

See Recipes:

  • Red sauce with chiles de arbol and morita

    Red sauce

    You will love the heat that this red arbol and morita chilli sauce brings. Do you dare to try it? We share this delicious recipe with you!

  • Macha sauce with peanuts and cranberries

    macha sauce

    You will love the combination of flavors that this macha sauce with peanuts and blueberries has. We share this delicious recipe with you.

  • Bell pepper sauce

    bell pepper sauce

    Learn how to prepare this easy and very delicious bell pepper sauce. We give you the step by step so that you also enjoy it.

  • Peanut sauce

    peanut sauce

    Learn how to prepare a delicious peanut sauce, it is one of our favorites! Get to know this recipe and taste it in your favorite dish.

  • Sweet and sour cherry sauce

    sweet and sour sauce

    To accompany a meat dish, this sweet and sour cherry sauce is ideal. We tell you how to prepare it so that it is exquisite.

  • How to make pilico sauce

    how to make pilico sauce

    Are you looking for a very original flavor? Here we show you how to make pilico sauce that will give a very rich touch to your dishes.

  • Jamaica sauce

    jamiaca sauce

    This delicious hibiscus sauce deserves to be at the center of your table to accompany all your meals, it will surely be one of your favorites.

  • Nopales in green sauce

    nopales in green sauce

    These nopales in green sauce will make you scream, “Long live Mexico!” for how delicious they are. Don’t miss out on this recipe!

  • Drunk sauce: recipe with pulque

    drunk sauce recipe

    So delicious that you are going to add it to everything. We invite you to prepare this drunken sauce recipe with pulque, it will be the queen of the table!

  • Authentic and original drunk sauce

    salsa Borracha

    Like drunk sauce, there are not two! That is why we share this recipe with you to serve it and give your meals a unique and original flavor.

  • Delicious traditional guajillo chili sauce

    Delicious traditional guajillo chili sauce

    This delicious guajillo chili sauce comes to your table, with the traditional flavor that you love so much. Follow the recipe for you to enjoy.

  • Sweet Chipotle Garlic Sauce

    Sweet Chipotle Garlic Sauce

    Yes or yes you have to prepare this rich sweet chipotle garlic sauce for your family. Its flavor is exquisite, therefore, we share the complete recipe with you. It’s not…

  • Homemade green morita sauce, you will be fascinated!

    Green morita sauce

    The green morita sauce is a classic of Mexican cuisine. Discover the ingredients you need and share it with everyone at home, it will undoubtedly be great for you. If you are barely …

  • Pineapple sauce with garlic, easy and super fast

    Pineapple sauce with garlic

    In addition to having the traditional green and red sauces on the table, surprise everyone at your next meeting with a new spicy pineapple sauce with garlic. They are very…

  • Guacamole salsa, a recipe that should not be missing at home

    To have the perfect meal, you should never lack a rich guacamole salsa. It is so easy to prepare that it will become one of your favorite side dishes when eating. Keep reading…

  • Pineapple and habanero sauce

    pineapple and habanero sauce

    New recipe! These are the ingredients to prepare a spicy pineapple and habanero sauce. Only the brave will dare to try it. We know that green and red sauce are …

  • Avocado minced sauce

    chopped avocado sauce

    The minced avocado sauce is perfect to accompany some freshly grilled meat tacos. This delicious mix is ​​a slight variation between salsa verde and even guacamole.…

  • Tajina sauce with mango and coriander seed

    Tajina sauce

    The tajina sauce with mango and coriander seed is great for those special gatherings you have at home. Go ahead and prepare it! Today is adding to …

  • Pepper sauce with ginger and turmeric

    Pepper sauce with ginger and turmeric

    This delicious pepper sauce with ginger and turmeric is great for those who love to add a lot of flavor to their tacos but are not necessarily fans of …

  • Jocoque dip with coriander, learn how to prepare it!

    Jocoque dip with coriander

    Like the sauces, the jocoque dip with cilantro is an excellent accompaniment to Mexican food. This mixture of ingredients can be eaten with some chips or pieces …

  • Chipotle tamarind sauce

    Chipotle tamarind sauce

    Chipotle tamarind sauce has a unique flavor. It’s so perfect that you can use it with everything from tacos al pastor to fish wallpaper. I don’t know …